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Soldagem & Inspeção
Print version ISSN 0104-9224


Table of contents
Soldag. insp. vol.17 no.2 São Paulo Apr./June 2012

 Technical Papers
 ·  In-service welding of pipelines in high strength low thickness with emphasis on cold cracks
Pereira, Aldo Santos; Buschinelli, Augusto J. A.; Niño, Carlos E.; Kejelin, Norton Zanette

 ·  Feasibility study of the Friction Spot Welding (FSpW) process in thermoplastics
Oliveira, Pedro Henrique Freiria de; Amancio Filho, Sergio de Traglia; Santos, Jorge Fernandes dos; Hage Junior, Elias

 ·  The influence of tool geometry and rotational speed on friction stir spot welding of aluminum alloy AA- 6181-T4
Ramos, Fabiano Dornelles; Strohaecker, Telmo Roberto; Santos, Jorge Fernandez dos

 ·  Influence of the heat input on the microstructure and microhardness of weld overlay of duplex stainless steel
Nunes, Everton Barbosa; Batista, Higor Jonas; Barreto, Alexandre Sousa; Marques, Jéssyca da Silva; Motta, Marcelo Ferreira

 ·  Effects of the reversion course length and torch leading angle on the bead solidification structure in GMAW welding with Switch Back
Almeida, Hélio Antônio Lameira de; Mota, Carlos Alberto M. da; Scotti, Américo

 ·  Study on the behavior of API 5L X80 steel when subjected to automated welding process
Albuquerque, Siderley Fernandes; Silva, Raphael de Sousa; Maciel, Theophilo Moura; Almeida, Daisy M.; Bracarense, Alexandre Queiroz

 ·  Embedded system for wireless signal monitoring during arc welding with technological approach
Machado, Marcus Vinícius Ribeiro; Mota, Carolina Pimenta; Finzi Neto, Roberto Mendes; Vilarinho, Louriel Oliveira

 ·  PTA hardfacing of Nb/Al coatings
Graf, Karin; D'Oliveira, Ana Sofia Clímaco Monteiro

 Technological Challenge Papers
 ·  Descriptive model of the heat flow in arc welding targeting the concept of effective heat input
Scotti, Américo; Reis, Ruham Pablo; Liskevych, Olga

 Review Papers
 ·  PTA-P Process - A literature review as basis for innovations: part 2 of 2: powder thermal and kinematic behavior, process parameters and consumables
Silva, Régis Henrique Gonçalves e; Dutra, Jair Carlos