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Revista Brasileira de Saúde Ocupacional
On-line version ISSN 2317-6369


Table of contents
Rev. bras. saúde ocup. vol.35 no.121 São Paulo Jan./June 2010

Answering a request!
Machado, Jorge Mesquita Huet; Lacaz, Francisco Antonio de Castro

 Dossiê Temático: Incapacidade, Reabilitação e Saúde do Trabalhador
 ·  Disability, occupational rehabilitation, and worker's health: old questions, new approaches
Takahashi, Mara; Kato, Mina; Leite, Rose Aylce Oliveira

 ·  Facilitating factors and barriers for returning to work: the experience of workers treated at a workers' health reference center in São Paulo, Brazil
Toldrá, Rosé Colom; Daldon, Maria Teresa Bruni; Santos, Maria da Conceição dos; Lancman, Selma

 ·  Rehabilitation of patients with RSI/WRMD: the contribution of group physical therapy
Mendes, Luciane Frizo; Lancman, Selma

 ·  Musicians' health: pain resulting from playing musical instruments among members of orchestras of the ABCD region, São Paulo, Brazil
Oliveira, Camila Frabetti Campos de; Vezzá, Flora Maria Gomide

 ·  Workers with disability and process for their inclusion in the labor market in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Vasconcelos, Fernando Donato

 ·  Reintroduction into the job market of former workers with RSI of an eletronics industry in São Paulo metropolitan area, Brazil
Maeno, Maria; Wünsch Filho, Victor

 ·  Proposing an articulation between methodologies to improve occupational rehabilitation process
Simonelli, Angela Paula; Camarotto, João Alberto; Bravo, Ecléa Spiridião; Vilela, Rodolfo Andrade de Gouveia

 ·  Lian Gong/Qi Gong : chinese therapeutic and preventive exercise as an instrument for cumulative trauma disorder prevention and rehabilitation
Livramento, Gutembergue; Franco, Tânia; Livramento, Alaíde

 ·  Occupational rehabilitation in Brazil: elements for the development of public policy
Maeno, Maria; Vilela, Rodolfo Andrade de Gouveia

 ·  Rehabilitation program for of workers with RSI/WRMD: at Cerest-Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil
Takahashi, Mara Alice Batista Conti; Simonelli, Angela Paula; Sousa, Helder do Prado; Mendes, Renata Wey Berti; Alvarenga, Maria Valéria de Andrade

 ·  Cesat/Bahia rehabilitation program for workers with RSI/WRMD: a starter for changes in Workers' Health
Lima, Mônica Angelim Gomes de; Andrade, Andréa Garboggini Melo; Bulcão, Camila Moitinho de Aragão; Mota, Esperança Maria de Carvalho Lino; Magalhães, Francesca de Brito; Carvalho, Rita de Cássia Peralta; Freitas, Sonara Machado de Carvalho; Sá, Sylvia Regina Freire de Carvalho; Porto, Lauro Antonio; Neves, Robson da Fonseca

An introduction to the international classification of functioning, disability and health
Nubila, Heloisa B. V. Di

 Tema Livre
 ·  Overweight and obesity prevalence in kitchen workers of public hospitals in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Boclin, Karine de Lima Sírio; Blank, Nelson

 ·  Healthcare personnel's occupational exposure to biological material: elaboration and proposition of assessment instruments
Amaral, Paula Muniz do; Tavares-Neto, José

 ·  Ilness absenteeism in the municipal administration of Porto Alegre, Brazil
Santos, Jandira Pereira dos; Mattos, Airton Pozo de

 ·  Analysis of nursing occupational risk factors from nurses' perspective
Duarte, Nei Santos; Mauro, Maria Yvone C.

 ·  Prevalence of vocal complaints and study of associated factors in a sample of elementary school teachers in Maceió, Brazil
Alves, Luciano Padilha; Araújo, Laura Tathianne Ramos; Xavier Neto, José Augusto

 ·  To be or not to be a craftsman: a question for workers' health?
Guimarães, Magali Costa