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Revista Brasileira de Saúde Ocupacional
Print version ISSN 0303-7657


Table of contents
Rev. bras. saúde ocup. vol.35 no.122 São Paulo July/Dec. 2010

Worker's Health in the beginning of the 21st century
Seligmann-Silva, Edith; Bernardo, Márcia Hespanhol; Maeno, Maria; Kato, Mina

 Dossier: The Contemporary World of Work and Worker's Mental Health - I
 ·  The contemporary world of work and workers' mental health
Seligmann-Silva, Edith; Bernardo, Márcia Hespanhol; Maeno, Maria; Kato, Mina

 ·  Let's get to work!: causes and effects of pressure at work in ornamental stone sector in Espírito Santo, Brazil
Moulin, Maria das Graças Barbosa; Moraes, Ana Beatryce Tedesco

 ·  Scheduling, shifts, and work management in offshore platforms of Campos Basin (Rio de Janeiro) and their relationship with workers' safety and health
Alvarez, Denise; Figueiredo, Marcelo; Rotenberg, Lucia

 ·  Productivity, pressure, and humiliation at workplace: workers and new shoe factories in Ceará (Brazil)
Rigotto, Raquel Maria; Maciel, Regina Heloisa; Borsoi, Izabel Cristina Ferreira

 ·  New labor relations, worker's mental exhaustion, and mental disorders in precarious work
Franco, Tânia; Druck, Graça; Seligmann-Silva, Edith

 ·  Contribution of Psychodinamics of Work to the debate: "the contemporary world of work and worker's mental health"
Bouyer, Gilbert Cardoso

 ·  Drug addiction and work: functional and disfunctional drug usage in labor contexts
Lima, Maria Elizabeth Antunes

 ·  Concept(s) on burnout: current themes in research and the contribution of clinical practice
Vieira, Isabela

 ·  Suffering of sales associates in São Paulo metropolitan area: the destitution of being by work organization
Pintor, Eliana A. S.

 ·  "Pouvoir d'agir" and suffering: study case on Community Health Agents
Vilela, Rodolfo Andrade de Gouveia; Silva, Reginalice Cera da; Jackson Filho, José Marçal

 ·  Saúde mental no trabalho: da teoria à prática
Jackson Filho, José Marçal

 Assorted Topics
 ·  Continuing Education Program and Brazilian Regulatory Standard-32: dream or reality in nursing?
Cunha, Ana Carina da; Mauro, Maria Yvone Chaves

 ·  WRULMSDs: selection of risk assessment methods
Serranheira, Florentino; Uva, António Sousa

 ·  The Community Health Agent within the Family Health Strategy: an investigation on work conditions and quality of life
Ursine, Bárbara Lyrio; Trelha, Celita Salmaso; Nunes, Elisabete de Fátima Polo Almeida

 ·  Preliminary risk analysis on health care waste management of an educational institution in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil: a case study
Shinzato, Marjolly Priscilla; Hess, Sônia Corina; Boncz, Marc Árpád; Macente, Douglas Fernando Carlos; Skowronski, Josué

 ·  H1N1 Influenza virus and workers in swine farms: an overview
Oliveira, Neidimila Aparecida Silveira; Iguti, Aparecida Mari

 ·  Nutrition and pain: cafeteria workers' job in a public school in Piracicaba, Brazil - beyond bread and milk
Takahashi, Mara Alice Batista Conti; Pizzi, Célio Roberto; Diniz, Eugênio Paceli Hatem