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Cerâmica vol.49 no.312 São Paulo Oct./Dec. 2003


Review Article: recent advances in metal-ceramic brazing
Nascimento, R. M. do; Martinelli, A. E.; Buschinelli, A. J. A.

Fracture of refractories
Cunha-Duncan, F. N.; Bradt, R. C.

Study of the chemical stability of the magnetite used as adsorber to remove organic compounds from solutions
Ortiz, N.; Susca, C.; Oliveira, K. M. R. de; Bressiani, J. C.

Characterization of Si3N4-Al interface after corrosion tests
Santos, C. dos; Ribeiro, S.; Strecker, K.; Silva, C. R. M. da

The influence of deflocullant on alumina deposition by electrophoresis
Gelfuso, M. V.; Pereira Júnior, F. S.; Thomazini, D.

Effect of Pr2O3 on the electrical properties of SnO2-based varistors
Simões, L. G .P.; Orlandi, M. O.; Araujo, A. L.; Bomio, M. R. D.; Leite, E. R.; Longo, E.; Varela, J. A.

Mineralogical and geochemical characterization of the hard kaolin from the Capim region, Pará, northern Brazil
Carneiro, B. S.; Angélica, R. S.; Scheller, T.; Castro, E. A. S. de; Neves, R. F.

Ceramic bodies for roofing tiles: characteristics and firing behavior
Vieira, C. M. F.; Soares, T. M.; Monteiro, S. N.

Processing conditions and the permeability of polymeric fiber-containing refractory castables
Domiciano, V. G.; Salomão, R.; Isaac, C. S.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Polymeric fiber reinforcement and its effects on the drying of refractory castables
Peret, C. M.; Salomão, R.; Zambon, A. M.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Utilization of granite sawing waste from Espírito Santo state in red ceramic
Moreira, J. M. S.; Freire, M. N.; Holanda, J. N. F.