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Cerâmica vol.51 no.318 São Paulo Apr./June 2005


Porous ceramics through heterocoagulation process
Carlos, M. O.; Garcia, J. R.; Oliveira, I. R.; Salomão, R.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Disposal of centrifuged sludge from Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in concrete matrix: an alternative method for environmental protection
Hoppen, C.; Portella, K. F.; Joukoski, A.; Baron, O.; Franck, R.; Sales, A.; Andreoli, C. V.; Paulon, V. A.

Creep behavior anisotropy of hot pressed Si3N4 based ceramics
Santos, C.; Strecker, K.; Piorino Neto, F.; Baldacim, S. A .; Silva, O . M. M.; Silva, C. R. M.

ZnAl2-xFexO4 ceramic catalysts: synthesis and characterization of nanosize powders
Lula, R. P. T.; Melo, P. S.; Barros, B. S.; Gama, L.; Mariano, W. A.; Kiminami, R. H. G. A.; Costa, A. C. F. M.

Characterization of Fe-, Zn- and Cr-based inorganic pigments using galvanic solid waste
Milanez, K. W.; Kniess, C. T.; Bernardin, A. M.; Riella, H. G.; Kuhnen, N. C.

By-product utilization of metallic recovering of stainless steel slags in the ceramic pigments synthesis; raw material characterization
Della, V. P.; Junkes, J. A.; Kuhn, I.; Hiella, H. G.; Hotza, D.

Synthesis of MgAl2O4 spinel via "sol-gel"
Heck, A. L.; Taffarel, S. R.; Hoffmann, R.; Portugal Jr., U. L.; Jahn, S. L.; Foletto, E. L.

A sedimentation study to optimize the dispersion of alumina nanoparticles in water
Manjula, S.; Kumar, S. Mahesh; Raichur, A. M.; Madhu, G. M.; Suresh, R.; Raj, M. A. Lourdu Anthony

Water based drilling fluids. Part I: effects of polymeric additives in the rheological properties
Amorim, L. V.; Farias, K. V.; Viana, J. D.; Barbosa, M. I. R.; Pereira, E.; França, K. B.; Lira, H. L.; Ferreira, H. C.

Magnetic domains in barium hexaferrite magnetized progressively
Gheno, S. M.; Corrêa, R. R.; Paulin Filho, P. I.

Effect of solid waste addition in the decrease of black core occurrence in red ceramic
Santos, I. M. G.; Silva, J. M.; Trindade, M. F. S.; Soledade, L. E. B.; Souza, A. G.; Paskocimas, C. A.; Longo, E.

Synthesis and structural characterization of strontium potassium niobate oxide with tetragonal tungstenium bronze TTB type structure
Lanfredi, S.; Trindade, L. R.; Barros, A. R.; Feitosa, N. R.; Nobre, M. A. L.

Physical properties of cerium oxide prepared by solution technique and the electrical conductivity dependence on the oxygen partial pressure of sintered ceramics
Muccillo, E. N. S.; Porfírio, T. C.; Tadokoro, S. K.; Rey, J. F. Q.; Rocha, R. A.; Steil, M. C.; Muccillo, R.

Sintering of rare earth-doped zirconia under 5 GPa pressure
Kuranaga, C.; Ribeiro, F. S. de Azevedo; Filgueira, M.

Structural characterization of liquid phase sintered silicon carbide by high-resolution X-ray diffractometry
Kelly, C. A.; Suzuki, P. A.; Ribeiro, S.; Kycia, S.

Novel rheometric techniques applied to ceramic suspensions
Anjos, R. D. dos; Salomão, R.; Pandolfelli, V. C.