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Cerâmica vol.51 no.320 São Paulo Oct./Dec. 2005


Structural characterization by high-resolution X-ray diffraction of SiAlONs sintered with different additives
Santos, C.; Suzuki, P. A.; Strecker, K.; Kycia, S.; Silva, C. R. M.

Evaluation of physical and mechanical properties of concretes produced with ground waste glass as fine aggregate
López, D. A. R; Azevedo, C. A. P. de; Barbosa Neto, E.

Incorporation of marble and granite sludge in clay materials
Silva, J. B.; Hotza, D.; Segadães, A. M.; Acchar, W.

Phase formation of viscous flow sintered ceramics
Gibertoni, C.; Paulin, P. I.; Morelli, F.; M. R.

Deflocculation of triaxial ceramic suspensions using a mixture design approach
Gomes, C. M.; Reis, J. P. dos; Luiz, J. F.; Oliveira, A. P. N. de; Hotza, D.

Synthesis of Al2O3/SiC in microwave oven: study of the processing parameters
Deksnys, T. P.; Menezes, R. R.; Fagury-Neto, E.; Kiminami, R. H. G. A.

Study of aluminum nitride for thermomechanical applications
Baldacim, S. A.; Silva, O. M. M.; Santos, C.; Silva, C. R. M.

Development of a ventilated façade system with porcelainized stoneware tiles directed to the Brazil's civil construction
Müller, A.; Alarcon, O. E.

Effect of phonolite addition on sintering kaolinitic clay
Andrade, P. M.; Neto, H. S. N.; Monteiro, S. N.; Vieira, C. M. F.

Thermal properties of ceramic materials by the non-steady techniques: II - the hot wire technique
Santos, W. N. dos

Mineralogical analysis of Brazilian ceramic sedimentary clays used in red ceramic
Souza, G. P.; Sousa, S. J. G.; Terrones, L. A. H.; Holanda, J. N. F.

Otimization of rational mineralogical analysis of ceramics
Varela, M. L.; Nascimento, R. M. do; Martinelli, A. E.; Hotza, D.; Melo, D. M. A.; Melo, M. A. F.

Planetary milling of silicon carbide powders
Santos, M. A. P. dos; Costa, C. A.

Pressure-induced amorphization of ZrW2O8
Perottoni, C. A.; Jornada, J. A. H. da

Effect of water vapor on the synthesis by the polymeric precursor method of alumina doped powders
Castro, R. H. R.; Gouvêa, D.

In situ preparation of a-SiAlON-SiC composite
Santos, C.; Souza, J. V. C. de; Kelly, C. A.; Ribeiro, S.; Silva, O. M. M.; Silva, C. R. M.; Strecker, K.

Production and evaluation of technological properties of ceramic specimens based on the mix clay-recycled glass
Godinho, K. O.; Holanda, J. N. F.; Silva, A. G. P. da

BaZrO3 nanometric powders: preparation and characterization of ceramics
Antonelli, E.; Bernardi, M. I. B.; Hernandes, A. C.