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Cerâmica vol.52 no.324 São Paulo Oct./Dec. 2006


Ni-Zn ferrites: brief review on the conventional method of fabrication and the magnetic permeability and dielectric constant properties
Brito, V. L. O.

Influence of the synthesis method on the process of pillarization of smectite from the amazonic region with titanium
Guerra, D. L.; Lemos, V. P.; Angélica, R.; Airoldi, C.

Characterization of avian eggshell waste aiming its use in a ceramic wall tile paste
Freire, M. N.; Holanda, J. N. F.

Synthesis, characterization and properties of the systems containing lanthanum, cerium and nickel oxides obtained by polymeric precursor
Melo, D. M. A.; Oliveira, V. G.; Pedrosa, A. M. G.; Pimentel, P. M.; Gomes, D. K. S.; Fernandes, J. D. G.

Effect of temperature on the synthesis of hydrous metallic oxides and adsorption of Ag+ and Pb2+ ions
Peixoto, A. L. C.; Silva, G. L. J. P. da; Silva, M. L. C. P. da

Synthesis and characterization of TiO2 nanoparticles
Costa, A. C. F. M.; Vilar, M. A.; Lira, H. L.; Kiminami, R. H. G. A.; Gama, L.

Preparation and characterization of chemically activated clays for use in catalysis
Rodrigues, M. G. F.; Pereira, K. R. O.; Valenzuela-Diaz, F. R.

Effect of quaternary ammonium salts on the organophilization of national bentonite clay
Barbosa, R.; Araújo, E. M.; Oliveira, A. D. de; Melo, T. J. A. de

Introduction to abrasive grinding of ceramics
Fujita, H.; Bianchi, E. C.; Aguiar, P. R. de; Sanchez, L. E. de A.; Silva Jr., C. E. da

Preparation and characterization of cordierite ceramic membranes
Silva, F. A.; Lira, H. L.

Tire rubber-cement composites: effect of slag on properties
Segre, N.; Galves, A. D.; Rodrigues, J. A.; Joekes, I.

Synthesis of Fe-, Co- and Cr-based black pigments by the polymeric precursor route
Gonçalves Jr, P. R. G.; Rangel, J. H. G.; Oliveira, M. M.; Azevedo, E.; Santos, L. P. S. dos; Longo, E.

The influence of the steatite (soapstone) composition in mineral migration to food meal: minerals from steatite
Quintaes, K. D.

Study of rheology and filter-cake thickness of drilling fluids: influence of anionic dispersants and surfactant
Farias, K. V.; Amorim, L. V.; Ferreira, H. C.; Pereira, E.