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Cerâmica vol.53 no.326 São Paulo Apr./June 2007


Microwave sintering of ceramics. Part II: sintering of ZnO-CuO varistors, ferrite and porcelain bodies
Menezes, R. R.; Souto, P. M.; Kiminami, R. H. G. A.

Low cost partially-stabilized zirconia ceramic produced by powder mixing with additives of MgO-Y2O3-CaO system
Yoshimura, H. N.; Molisani, A. L.; Narita, N. E.; Gonçalves, M. P.; Campos, M. F. de

Techniques for setting evaluation of ceramic suspensions with different binders
Oliveira, I. R.; Anjos, R. D. dos; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Colloidal silica and hydratable alumina as refractory binder agents
Ismael, M. R.; Salomão, R.; Polito, L. A.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Potential barriers mapping by atomic force microscopy in lanthanum doped BaTiO3 based ceramics
Mancini, M. W.; Paulin Filho, P. I.

Alternative technique to obtain hydroxyapatite coatings
Trommer, R. M.; Santos, L. A. dos; Bergmann, C. P.

Al2O3 /ZrO2 composites coated with hydroxyapatite doped with Ag ions
Pierri, J. J.; Pallone, E. M. J. A.; Roslindo, E. B.; Tomasi, R.; Rigo, E. C. S.

Room temperature photoluminescence of (RE)NiO3 (RE=La, Y, Er, Ho, Nd and La1-xYx)
Silva, Z. R.; Melo, D. M. A.; Lima, A. C.; Longo, E.; Melo, M. A. F.; Martinelli, A. E.

Rheological properties of aqueous suspensions of a ZnO varistor system
Brito, S. L. M.; Gouvêa, D.; Ganzella, R.

Mössbauer spectroscopy and structural refinement in the isomorphic (a-Fe2O3)-( a-Al2O3) ceramic system
Moreto, J. A.; Szmoski, R. M.; Cótica, L. F.; Paesano Jr, A.; Santos, I. A.; Cunha, J. B. M. da

Impedance spectroscopy and microstructure of lithium conductor Li1+x[AlxGe2-x(PO4 )3] glass ceramics
Cruz, A. M.; Rodrigues, A. C. M.

Visible emission from Er-doped SnO2 thin films deposited by sol-gel
Ravaro, L. P.; Morais, E. A.; Scalvi, L. V. A.; Li, M. Siu

Analysis of the use of kaolin processing waste and granite sawing waste together for the production of ceramic bricks and roof tiles
Menezes, R. R.; Almeida, R. R. de; Santana, L. N. L.; Neves, G. A.; Lira, H. L.; Ferreira, H. C.

Direct probing of semiconductor barium titanate via electrostatic force microscopy
Gheno, S. M.; Hasegawa, H. L.; Paulin Filho, P. I.

Structural study of Tix(Sm0.2Ce0.8 )1-xO2-d ceramic by the Rietveld method
Domingues, S.; Pereira, T. J.; Florentino, A. O.; Cavalheiro, A. A.; Saeki, M. J.

Thermal and morphological characterization of basalt continuous fibers
Schiavon, M. A.; Redondo, S. U. A.; Yoshida, I. V. P.