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Cerâmica vol.53 no.328 São Paulo Oct./Dec. 2007


Review article: performance of the antioxidants in carbon containing refractories
Luz, A. P.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Adsorption of phosphate ions in cellulose/ZrO2.nH2O composites prepared by conventional precipitation and homogeneous solution methods
Mulinari, D. R.; Silva, G. L. J. P. da; Rodrigues, L. A.; Silva, M. L. C. P. da

Polymeric compounds as additives for bentonite clays
Barbosa, M. I. R.; Amorim, L. V.; Ferreira, H. C.

Porous ceramics for high temperature applications
Villas Bôas, M. O. C.; Salomão, R.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Mechanisms of magnesium oxide hydration
Amaral, L. F.; Salomão, R.; Frollini, E.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Experimental design to maximize the waste content in ceramic bricks and tiles
Campos, L. F. A.; Menezes, R. R.; Lisboa, D.; Santana, L. N. L.; Neves, G. A.; Ferreira, H. C.

Incorporation of blast furnace sludge into red ceramic
Vieira, C. M. F.; Dias, C. A. C. M.; Mothé, A. V.; Sánchez, R.; Monteiro, S. N.

Use of kaolin processing waste for the production of mullite bodies
Menezes, R. R.; Oliveira, M. F.; Santana, L. N. L.; Neves, G. A.; Ferreira, H. C.

Additives and their influence in the refractory castables drying and traction strength behavior
Oliveira, I. R.; Salomão, R.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Effect of stoichiometric variation on the BaM ferrite production by SHS and traditional ceramic processes
Yasuda, M. T.; Hasegawa, H. L.; Paulin F., P. I.; Morelli, M. R.

Evaluation of wear resistance of nanometric aluminas produced by thermal decomposition of lyophilized aluminum acetate
Fagury Neto, E.; Kiminami, R. H. G. A.

Preparation of organophilic clays using different concentrations of quaternary ammonium salt
Silva, A. A.; Valenzuela-Diaz, F. R.; Martins, G. S. V.; Rodrigues, M. G. F.

Effect of calcination temperature on the properties of bovine bone ash for the fabrication of bone china
Gouvêa, D.; Bernard, S.; Alatrista, G. A. V.; Tofolli, S. M.

Influence of the induction time on the properties of porous hydroxyapatite obtained by gelcasting foams
Volkmer, T. M.; Santos, L. A. dos

Variation of color and ceramic properties with the increase of temperature of clay's firing from the Corumbataí formation, region of Piracicaba, SP
Roveri, C. D.; Zanardo, A.; Moreno, M. M. T.

Structural and morphological characterization of rare earth modified lead titanate
Lemos, F. C. D.; Melo, D. M. A.; Lima, P. S. de; Paskocimas, C. A.; Longo, E.; Silva, J. E.C. da

Thermal analysis and electrical characterization of ceramic thermistors based on manganese, nickel and cobalt oxides
Ferreira Jr., J. M.; Cordeiro, O. C.; França, Y. V.; Muccillo, E. N. S.; Matos, J. R.; Muccillo, R.