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Cerâmica vol.54 no.331 São Paulo July/Sept. 2008

Decomposition kinetics of alkaline earth carbonates by integral approximation method
Maitra, S.; Chakrabarty, N.; Pramanik, J.

Evaluation of intercaled kaolinite efficiency with dimetilsulfoxide in adsorption with Zn(II) in aqueous medium: kinetics of the adsorption process
Guerra, D. L.; Sousa, J. A.; Airoldi, C.; Viana, R. R.

The red ceramic industry in Campos dos Goitacazes and the social inclusion of artisans from Baixada Campista through the Caminhos de Barro project
Ramos, I. S.; Alexandre, J.; Alves, M. G.; Vogel, V.; Gantos, M.

In-situ spinelization and thermal shock performance of refractory castables
Cintra, G. B.; Braulio, M. A. L.; Brito, M. A. M.; Bittencourt, L. R. M.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Review: effect of donor metals on the electrical and microstructural properties of SnO2-based ceramic varistors
Oliveira, M. M.; Rangel, J. H. G.; Sousa, V. C. de; Longo, E.; R. Filho, R. N.

Structural characterization of Brazilian and imported bentonitic clays: before and after the process of organophilization for utilization as nanofiller
Leite, I. F.; Raposo, C. M. O.; Silva, S. M. L.

Comparative study of mechanical performance of silica fume and metakaolin mineral admixtures in concrete structures
Carmo, J. B. M. do; Portella, K. F.

Ceramic in dentistry: current situation
Gomes, E. A.; Assunção, W. G.; Rocha, E. P.; Santos, P. H.

Consumption of natural gas in Brazilian ceramic tile industry
Alves, H. J.; Melchíades, F. G.; Boschi, A. O.

Study of rheological behavior of slips prepared with clays from Corumbataí Formation used in ceramic pole of Santa Gertrudes (SP)
Rocha, R. R.; Zanardo, A.; Moreno, M. M. T.

Mechanosynthesis of the BiFeO3 compound
Freitas, V. F.; Santos, I. A.

Thermal stability of the zeolite A synthesized after kaolin waste from Amazon region
Maia, A. A. B.; Angélica, R. S.; Neves, R. F.

Pollutant gas analysis evolved during firing of red ceramic incorporated with water treatment plant sludge
Souza, V. P.; Toledo, R.; Holanda, J. N. F.; Vargas, H.; Faria Jr., R. T.

Use of thermodynamic chemical potential diagrams (µCaO, µCO2) to understand the weathering of cement by a slightly carbonated water
Blandine, A.; Bernard, G.; Essaïd, B.

Al2O3-SiC nanocomposites sintered by spark plasma sintering
Trombini, V.; Pallone, E. M. J. A.; Munir, Z. A.; Tomasi, R.

Synthesis and characterization of La1-XSrXMnO δ and La1-XSrXCo1-YFeYO3- δ used as cathode in solid oxide fuel cells
Vargas, R. A.; Chiba, R.; Andreoli, M.; Seo, E. S. M.

Influence of additives on the production of ceramic bricks
Macedo, R. S.; Menezes, R. R.; Neves, G. A.; Ferreira, H. C.

Stability of crack propagation during bending tests on brittle materials
Peret, C. M.; Rodrigues, J. A.