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Cerâmica vol.55 no.334 São Paulo Apr./June 2009


Structural properties of the red-color overglazes on the Kakiemon-style porcelains produced in the later 17th century by means of X-ray diffraction (I)
Hidaka, M.; Horiuchi, H.; Ohashi, K.; Wijesundera, R. P.; Kumara, L. S. R.; Choi, Jae-Young; Park, Yong Jun

Microstructural development of KSr2Nb5O15 doped with CuO:B2O3
Vieira, D. C.; Balan, A. M. O. A.; Duran, R. M.

Preparation of pseudoboehmite aqueous sols with fibril of different lengths
Santos, P. S.; Coelho, A. C. V.; Santos, H. S.; Kiyohara, P. K.

Use of catalyst waste from hydrocarbon fluid catalytic cracking process in alumina-silica refractories
Garcia, L. P.; Cruz, R. T. da; Bragança, S. R.

Production and characterization of alumina foams by the gelcasting process without atmospheric contro
Sousa, E. de; Ortega, F. S.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Li2O-ZrO2-SiO2 -Al2O3 glass-ceramic foams produced by the gelcasting process
Sousa, E. de; Rambo, C. R.; Ortega, F. S.; Oliveira, A. P. N. de; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Bentonite clay from Cubati, Paraíba, Brazil: Physical and mineralogical characterization
Menezes, R. R.; Souto, P. M.; Santana, L. N. L.; Neves, G. A.; Kiminami, R. H. G. A.; Ferreira, H. C.

Textural, morphological and structural characterization of new and used automotive catalysts
Silva, R. A.; Viana, M. M.; Mohallem, N. D. S.

Evaluation of the thickness of SiO2-CaO-P2O5 bioactive film obtained via sol-gel
Federman, S. R.; Buono, V. T. L.; Vasconcelos, W. L.

Influence of notch shape and preparation on the maximum load and fracture energy of mortars evaluated by the wedge splitting method for stable crack propagation
Ribeiro, S.; Rodrigues, J. A.

Effects of artificial saliva storage on flexural strength and lifetime prediction of a dental porcelain
Yoshimura, H. N.; Pinto, M. M.; Gonzaga, C. C.; Cesar, P. F.

Adhesion in cementitious materials: In-built nanotechnology
Rossetto, H. L.; Souza, M. F. de; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Improving usual and dielectric properties of ceramic high voltage insulators
Roula, A.; Boudeghdegh, K.; Boufafa, N.

Influence of kaolin waste addition on technological properties of a standard stoneware formulation produced in industrial scale
Varela, M. L.; Formiga, F. L.; Dutra, R. P. S.; Nascimento, R. M. do; Paskocimas, C. A.

Production and use of paraffin microspheres for tissue scaffolds based on α-tricalcium phosphate cement
M. Machado, J. L. de; Santos, L. A dos