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Cerâmica vol.55 no.335 São Paulo July/Sept. 2009

Local structures and electronic band states of α-Fe2O3 polycrystalline particles included in the red-color overglazes and the transparent glazes of the Kakiemon-style porcelains by means of X-ray absorption spectra (i)
Hidaka, M.; Horiuchi, H.; Ohashi, K.; Wijesundera, R. P.; Kumara, L. S. R.; Sung, Nark Eon

Performance of advanced concretes for building site designed by computing mix proportion technique
Castro, A. L. de; Liborio, J. B. L.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Bone ash as a sintering additive in the porcelain production
Gouvêa, D.; Kaneko, T. T.; Kahn, H.

Biocompatibility evaluation of SiO2-CaO/stainless steel composite bioactive film for biomedical application
Federman, S. R.; Mansur, H. S.; Stancioli, E. F. B.; Vasconcelos, W. L.

Granite sawing waste recycling for mortar production
Menezes, R. R.; Farias Filho, J.; Ferreira, H. S.; Neves, G. A.; Ferreira, H. C.

Preparation and characterization of SiC/kaolin/Al composite materials by squeeze- casting
Freitas, M.; Pianaro, S. A.; Nadal, F. N.; Tebcherani, S. M.; Berg, E. A. T.

Effects of the Tm3+ concentration on the properties of (Pb,La)(Zr,Ti)O3 ceramics
Botero, E. R.; Eiras, J. A.; Garcia, D.

Analysis of the firing behavior of clays and formulations for ceramic tiles
Moreno, M. M. T.; Bartolomeu, D.; Lima, R. H. C.

Refractories for molten aluminum transportation: fundaments, simulation and industrial results
Miyaji, D. Y.; Braulio, M. A. L.; Bonadia, P.; Gallo, J. B.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Refractories selection for anode baking furnace
Tiba, P. R. T.; Teider, B. H.; Figueiredo, F.; Gallo, J. B.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Adsorption study of the cationic surfactant in inorganic matrices prepared from niobium oxides
Pereira, P. H. F.; Silva, M. L. C. P. da

Processing and characterization of fibrous ceramic filters
Muller, D.; Acchar, W.; Silva, G. M. C.; Moreira, E. A.; Coury, J. R.; Innocentini, M. D. M.; Hotza, D.; Rambo, C. R.

Incorporation of industrial laundry mud in the production of ceramic bricks
Herek, L. C. S.; Silva Junior, A. T.; Pavezzi, C. C.; Bergamasco, R.; Tavares, C. R. G.

Effect of the firing temperature on the properties and microstructure of red ceramic incorporated with grog
Vieira, C. M. F.; Teixeira, S. S.; Monteiro, S. N.

The utilization of the thermal lens technique for the analysis of thermal properties of transparent materials
Falcão, E. A.; Eiras, J. A.; Garcia, D.; Medina, A. N.; Baesso, M. L.