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Cerâmica vol.57 no.341 São Paulo Jan./Mar. 2011

Processing of yttrium aluminosilicate (YAS) glasses for dental composites
Velez, M.; He, Y.; Day, D. E.; Schuman, T. P.; Kilway, K. V.; Melander, J. R.; Weiler, R. A.; Miller, B. D.; Nalvarte, E. L.; Eick, J. D.

The influence of cement type on the performance of advanced concretes designed by computing mix proportion technique
Castro, A. L. de; Liborio, J. B. L.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Polypropylene fibers and their influence on the behavior of concretes exposed to high temperatures: review
Castro, A. L. de; Tiba, P. R. T.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Effect of the firing temperature on the body composition for vitrified ceramic tiles with kaolinitic clay and nepheline-syenite
Teixeira, K. O.; Monteiro, S. N.; Vieira, C. M. F.

Production of cellular ceramics by gel casting ceramic emulsions
Sousa, E. de; Dellú Jr, M.; Pandolfelli, V. C.; Ortega, F. S.

Alumina ceramics obtained by chemical synthesis using conventional and microwave sintering
Thomazini, D.; Gelfuso, M. V.; Chinelatto, A. S. A.; Chinelatto, A. L.; Sanson, F. K.; Teixeira Neto, F.

Compaction behavior of dry granulated red wall tile paste prepared using raw materials from Rio de Janeiro State
Sousa, S. J. G.; Holanda, J. N. F.

The mineralogical and fabric analysis of ancient pottery artifacts
Palanivel, R.; Rajesh Kumar, U.

Review article: rheology of high performance concretes applied in building site
Castro, A. L. de; Liborio, J. B. L.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Grinding of alumina ceramics with different cooling and lubrification techniques: conventional and minimum quantity of lubrification
Sousa, R. M. e; Iceri, D. M.; Destro, R. S.; Oikawa, M. H.; Bianchi, E. C.; Aguiar, P. R. de; Fortulan, C. A.

Synthesis and characterization of layered double hydroxides from red mud
Cunha, M. V. P. O.; Corrêa, J. A. M.

Effect of the curing time on the stiffness of mortars produced with Portland cement
Garcia, G. C. R.; Santos, E. M. B.; Ribeiro, S.

Microstructural characterization of ceramic materials using the image digital processing software Image J
Marcomini, R. F.; Souza, D. M. P. F de

Correlation between glaze-colors and structural properties of the HIZEN celadons produced in the Edo period of Japan, by means of X-ray diffraction (І)
Hidaka, M.; Ohashi, K.; Wijesundera, R. P.; Kumara, L. S. R.; Watanabe, M.; Koga, K.; Choi, Jae-Young; Sung, N. E.; Park, Y. J.

Development and characterization of nanocoated particles based on halloysite nanoclay
Silva, T. P.; Raubach, C. W.; Ullmann, M. A.; Carreño, N. L. V.; Cava, S.; Gonçalves, M. R. F.; Nunes, M. R.

A correlation between Bogue's equations and Taylor's procedure for the evaluation of crystalline phases in special class Portland oilwell cement clinker
Bezerra, U. T.; Martinelli, A. E.; Melo, D. M. A.; Melo, M. A. F.; Lima, F. M.

Effect of sulfur on the polymorphism and reactivity of dicalcium silicate of Portland clinker
Andrade, F. R. D; Gomes, S. D; Pecchio, M; Kihara, Y; Carvalho, F. M. S; Matos, J. R