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Cerâmica vol.58 no.345 São Paulo enero/mar. 2012

Homenagem póstuma ao Professor Pérsio

Characterisation of conductivity of the (CexY0.2-x)Sc0.6 Zr3.2O8-δ (0 < x < 0.2) system and composition Ce0.04Y0.02Sc0.67Zr3.27O 7.66 as function of time
Carvalho, E. de; Irvine, J. T. S.

Selection of dense antierosive refractory castables for fluid catalytic cracking units
Serra, F. A. S.; Prestes, E.; Medeiros, J.; Veiga, J. L. B. C.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Synthesis and characterization of Al2O3 -YAG composite and Al2O3-YAG and Al2O3 with Nb2O5 additives
Cabral, R. F.; Louro, L. H. L.; Prado da Silva, M. H.; Campos, J. B.; Lima, E. S.

Geopolymerization as a technique for bauxite residue applications
Bitencourt, C. S.; Teider, B. H.; Gallo, J. B.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Characterization of non-calcareous "thin" red clay from south-eastern Brazil: applicability in wall tile manufacture
Sousa, S. J. G.; Holanda, J. N. F.

Characterization of kaolin wastes from kaolin mining industry from the amazon region as raw material for pozzolan production
Barata, M. S.; Angélica, R. S.

Synthesis of zeolites from boiler fly ash: physical, chemical and mineralogical characterization
Rocha Junior, C. A. F.; Santos, S. C. A.; Souza, C. A. G.; Angélica, R. S.; Neves, R. F.

Modification of the stability of polymorph nanometric TiO2 by surface excess of SnO2
Matioli, A.; Miagava, J.; Gouvêa, D.

Kinematic viscosity of cement pastes with air-entrained admixtures evaluated in different temperatures
Romano, R. C. O.; Takahashi, M. M.; Liberato, C. C.; Pileggi, R. G.

Technical characterization of plastic clay from Pantano Grande, RS, Brazil
Cruz, R. T. da; Bergmann, C. P.; Bragança, S. R.

Effect of addition of inorganic components on the mechanical strength of sand molds for casting
Cilla, M. S.; Morelli, M. R.

Synthesis and characterization of zeolite from coal ashes modified by cationic surfactant
Fungaro, D. A.; Borrely, S. I.

Grinding of alumina ceramics with different cooling and lubrification techniques: conventional and minimum quantity of lubrification (MQL)
Iceri, D. M.; Sousa, R. M. e; Destro, R. S.; Oikawa, M. H.; Bianchi, E. C.; Aguiar, P. R. de; Fortulan, C. A.

Study of alkali-silica reactions associated with the use of red mud in plastering mortars
Ribeiro, D. V.; Silva, A. M. S.; Labrincha, J. A.; Morelli, M. R.

Synthesis and characterization of nickel oxide doped barium strontium titanate ceramics
Banerjee, M.; Mukherjee, S.; Maitra, S.

Mineralogical and crystalochemical transformations originated from thermal essays on ferruginous kaolinitic clays
Ferreira, M. M.; Varajão, A. F. D. C.; Morales-Carrera, A. M.; Peralta-Sánchez, M. G.; Costa, G. M. da

Study of acid activation and thermal treatment of bauxite extracted from deposits in Minas Gerais, Brazil
Prado, C. M. R.; Alves, M. I. R.; Leles, M. I. G.; Medeiros, R. I.; Otto, C. R. N.; Damasceno, F. C.; Brait, C. H. H.; Franco, P. I. B. M.; Antoniosi Filho, N. R.

Effect of glaze and engobe properties on the curvature of ceramic tiles
Dal Bó, M.; Melchiades, F. G.; Boschi, A. O.; Hotza, D.

Preparation of lanthanum ferrite powder at low temperature
Andoulsi, R.; Horchani-Naifer, K.; Férid, M.

Application of the electrophoretic deposition technique for obtaining yttria-stabilized zirconia tubes
Caproni, E.; Muccillo, R.