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Rem: Revista Escola de Minas
On-line version ISSN 1807-0353


Table of contents
Rem: Rev. Esc. Minas vol.64 no.1 Ouro Preto Jan./Mar. 2011

 ·  Mineralogy and chemistry of archaeological ceramic fragments from archaeological Dark Earth site in Colombian Amazon
Costa, Marcondes Lima da; Rios, Gaspar Morcote; Silva, Mônia Maria Carvalho da; Silva, Glayce Jholy da; Molano-Valdes, Uliana

 ·  Tectonic breccia of the Cabo Frio area, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, intruded by Early Cretaceous mafic dyke: evidence of the Pan-African brittle tectonism?
Motoki, Akihisa; Vargas, Thais; Iwanuch, Woldemar; Sichel, Susanna Eleonora; Balmant, Alex; Aires, José Ribeiro

 ·  The L5(S5) ordinary chondritic meteorite from Guaçuí, ES-Brazil
Chaves, Alexandre de Oliveira; Rangel, Caio Vinícius Gabrig Turbay; Sgarbi, Geraldo Norberto Chaves; Romano, Antonio Wilson; Garcia, Luís Rodrigues Armôa

 Metalurgia e Materiais
 ·  Infrared-spectroscopy analysis of zinc phosphate and nickel and manganese modified zinc phosphate coatings on electrogalvanized steel
Fernandes, Kirlene Salgado; Alvarenga, Evandro de Azevedo; Brandão, Paulo Roberto Gomes; Lins, Vanessa de Freitas Cunha

 ·  Solvent extraction for metal and water recovery from industrial wastes and effluents
Mansur, Marcelo Borges

 ·  Effects of hot and warm rolling on microstructure, texture and properties of low carbon steel
Bruna, Roberto Gerardo

 ·  Effect of mineralogical composition and particle size distribution in raw material formulation: Santa Gertrudes ceramic pole
Bartolomeu, Daniel; Moreno, Maria Margarita Torres; Rocha, Rogers Raphael da

 ·  A heuristic for the open-pit mining operational planning problem with dynamic truck allocation
Araújo, Francisco César Rodrigues de; Souza, Marcone Jamilson Freitas

 ·  Mining productivity estimation and management methodology
Brandão, Reinaldo; Tomi, Giorgio de

 ·  Reducing coal quality variability with size optimization of blended piles
Beretta, Filipe Schmitz; Costa, João Felipe Coimbra Leite; Koppe, Jair Carlos

 ·  Thickeners in iron ore processing
Torquato, Nilton Carlos; Luz, José Aurélio Medeiros da

 ·  Dry comminution of quartz and dolomite mixtures
Rosa, Germano Mendes; Luz, José Aurélio Medeiros da

 ·  Depressants for dolomites in willemite flotation
Pereira, Carlos Alberto; Zorzal, Caroline Belisário; Coelho, Lucas Carvalho; Oliveira, Michelly dos Santos

 ·  Concentration by apatite flotation originating from carbonatically affiliated rocks
Paiva, Paulo Renato Perdigão; Monte, Marisa Bezerra de Mello; Gaspar, José Carlos

 ·  Planning for early mine closure
Sánchez, Luis Enrique