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Rem: Revista Escola de Minas
On-line version ISSN 1807-0353


Table of contents
Rem: Rev. Esc. Minas vol.65 no.3 Ouro Preto July/Sept. 2012

 Notas da REM
 Engenharia Civil
 ·  The influence of specimen capping on the results of compression strength tests of cementitious composites
Bezerra, Augusto Cesar da Silva; Aguilar, Maria Teresa Paulino; Cetlin, Paulo Roberto

 ·  Resistant capacity and failure modes of reinforced concrete beams strengthened in flexure with externally bonded carbon fiber reinforced plastic
Silva, Augusto Ottoni Bueno da; Moreno Júnior, Armando Lopes; Ferreira, Gisleiva Cristina dos Santos

 ·  Methodology to determine cut-off petrophysical parameters: Socororo case study, Eastern Venezuela Basin
Contreras, Sérgio A. Cáceres; Castro, Joel Carneiro de

 Metalurgia e Materiais
 ·  Synthesis of carbon nanotubes from sugarcane bagasse
Alves, Joner Oliveira; Zhuo, Chuanwei; Levendis, Yiannis Angelo; Tenório, Jorge Alberto Soares

 ·  Characterization of industrial wastes for their use in steelmaking
Aguiar, Felipe Nylo de; Oliveira, Elsomar Biancardi de; Vieira, Estéfano Aparecido; Tenório, Jorge Alberto Soares; Oliveira, José Roberto de

 ·  Development and analysis of industrial solar cells in multicrystalline silicon with single phosphorus diffusion
Wehr, Gabriela; Zanesco, Izete; Moehlecke, Adriano

 ·  Electrochemical study of metals recovery from spent batteries
Provazi, Kellie; Espinosa, Denise Crocce Romano; Tenório, Jorge Alberto Soares

 ·  Characterization of a bronze aluminum alloy under different heat treatments
Rodrigues, Carlos Alberto; Melo, Mirian de Lourdes Noronha Motta; Paes, Luiz Eduardo Souza

 ·  Photoelectrooxidation for nickel electroplating effluent treatment
Benvenuti, Tatiane; Rodrigues, Marco Antônio Siqueira; Ziulkoski, Ana Luiza; Bernardes, Andréa Moura; Ferreira, Jane Zoppas

 ·  Use of coke oven gas in iron ore sintering
Guilherme, Vagner Silva; Castro, Jose Adilson de

 ·  Recrystallization and crystallographic texture in AA4006 aluminum alloy sheets produced by twin roll caster and direct chill processes
Souza, Fabrício Mendes; Plaut, Ronald Lesley; Lima, Nelson Batista de; Fernandes, Ricardo do Carmo; Padilha, Angelo Fernando

 ·  Validating the design of blending piles homogenization system through geostatistical simulation, a case study
Abichequer, Luciana Arnt; Costa, João Felipe Coimbra Leite; Pásti, Hélder Abel; Marques, Diego Machado; Koppe, Jair Carlos

 ·  Comparative analysis of the methodologies used to dispatch trucks in open pit mines
Rodrigues, Lásara Fabrícia; Pinto, Luiz Ricardo

 ·  The dependency of mineral revenues in Ouro Preto municipality
Carvalho, Celso Guimarães; Silva, José Margarida da; Curi, Adilson; Flores, José Cruz do Carmo

 ·  Iron ore minerals depression: influence of mineralogy, morphology, and conditioning pH
Martins, Marisa; Lima, Neymayer Pereira; Leal Filho, Laurindo de Salles

 ·  Cokriging of additive log-ratios (alr) for grade estimation in iron ore deposits
Boezio, Maria Noel Morales; Costa, João Felipe Coimbra Leite; Koppe, Jair Carlos

 ·  Influence of slake durability on geotechnical behavior of phyllites of Pau Branco Mine
Silva, Carolina Helena Caldeira; Lana, Milene Sabino