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Revista Brasileira de Educação
On-line version ISSN 1809-449X


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Educ.  no.19 Rio de Janeiro Jan./Apr. 2002

The king is dead, long live the king? the struggle to inherit Pierre Bourdieu's position in the French academic field
Brito, Angela Xavier de

Notes on experience and the knowledge of experience
Bondía, Jorge Larrosa

Anthropological bases of Brazilian citizenship: on the public school and citizenship in the 1st Republic
Valle, Lílian do

The sustainability of the educational reform in question: the position of the international organisations
Krawczyk, Nora

Poverty, emotion and health: a discussion on Pentecostalism and health in Brazil
Valla, Victor Vincent

Negroes, education and policies of affirmative action
Valente, Ana Lúcia

Rethinking some questions related to child and adolescent labour
Alves-Mazzotti, Alda Judith

Educational policy and local power: an analysis of the repercussions of the Programme for the Eradication of Child Labour on education in municipalities in the State of Pernambuco
Ferreira, Rosilda Arruda

A place of production and the production of a place: the history and historiography presented in the Working Group History of Education da ANPEd (1985-2000)
Catani, Denice Barbara; Faria Filho, Luciano Mendes de

 Espaço Aberto
 ·  Evaluation in the teaching-learning process: the challenges posited by the multiple facets of daily life
Esteban, Maria Teresa

 ·  Human rights and citizenship: education as a field of conflict
Abicail, Carlos Augusto

 ·  Em volta da mesa: uma conversa sobre grupos de trabalho, na FAE/UFMG, em abril de 1986
Maciel, Ira Maria; Miranda, Glaura Vasquez de; Arroyo, Miguel Gonzáles; Paixão, Léa Pinheiro; Soares, Magda Becker; Lopes, Eliane Marta Teixeira

 ·  Grupos de trabalho: avaliação e proposta

 Notas de Leitura
 ·  Cultura infantil: a construção corporativa da infância
Torres, Maria Cecilia

 ·  Comenius & Educação
Goulart, Maria Alice

 ·  A investigação da natureza no Brasil Colônia
Selles, Sandra Escovedo

 ·  Gramsci, o estado e a escola
Pires, Raíssa Pimenta