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Revista Brasileira de Educação
On-line version ISSN 1809-449X


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Educ.  no.24 Rio de Janeiro Sept./Dec. 2003

 ·  A new perspective on the public university
Chaui, Marilena

 ·  Youth and public policy in Brazil
Sposito, Marília Pontes; Carrano, Paulo César Rodrigues

 ·  The young person as a social subject
Dayrell, Juarez

 ·  Early childhood education in the context of public policies
Barreto, Angela Maria Rabelo Ferreira

 ·  Educational programmes for preschool children in Italy
Musatti, Tullia

 ·  State and Educational Reforms and public policy for the distance training of teachers: theoretical and political implications
Silva Júnior, João dos Reis

 ·  Processes of formation and learning in the countryside: the family-school continuum
De Vargas, Sonia Maria

 ·  Second chance education: exclusion from school and reinsertion in a programme of education for popular class youths and adults
Santos, Geovânia Lúcia dos

 ·  The discourse of science and dissemination in curricular directives for Portuguese Language
Marinho, Marildes

 ·  The theoretical and empirical course of the GT Work and Education: an analysis for debate
Trein, Eunice; Ciavatta, Maria

 Espaço Aberto
 ·  The National Programme of School Scholarships and affirmative action in the educational field
Valente, Ana Lúcia

 ·  Education and policies for combating poverty
Campos, Maria Malta

 ·  Juventudes e cidades educadoras
Peregrino, Mônica

 ·   PABAEE (1956-1964): a americanização do ensino elementar?
Borba, Siomara

 ·   Juventude e escolarização (1980-1998)
Terra, Denise Cordeiro

 ·  Conversas com lingüistas: virtudes e controvérsias da lingüística
Bagno, Marcos

 Nota de Leitura