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Estudos de Psicologia (Natal)
On-line version ISSN 1678-4669


Table of contents
Estud. psicol. (Natal) vol.9 no.1 Natal Jan./Apr. 2004

 ·  The tentatives of the pioneer cognitivists
Rozestraten, Reinier Johannes Antonius

 ·  Psychology as a field of knowledge and a helping profession
Tourinho, Emmanuel Zagury; Carvalho Neto, Marcus Bentes de; Neno, Simone

 ·  Morality, human rights and social participation
Camino, Cleonice; Camino, Leoncio; Pereira, Cícero; Paz, Márcia

 ·  Reasoning about conditional probabilities: the evidence for the frequentist hypothesis has relied on flawed comparisons
O'Brien, David; Roazzi, Antonio; Dias, Maria da Graça B. B.

 ·  Validation of the work stress scale
Paschoal, Tatiane; Tamayo, Álvaro

 ·  Description of therapeutic group process with sexual abused female teenagers
Padilha, Maria da Graça Saldanha; Gomide, Paula Inês Cunha

 ·  The reproductive technologies and the social representations of biological children
Borlot, Ana Maria Monteiro; Trindade, Zeidi Araújo

 ·  Text comprehension in second and third graders: a cognitive approach
Salles, Jerusa Fumagalli de; Parente, Maria Alice de Mattos Pimenta

 ·  Public policies and settlement projects
Albuquerque, Francisco José Batista de; Coelho, Jorge Artur Peçanha de Miranda; Vasconcelos, Tatiana Cristina

 ·  The experience of motherhood in mothers of children with and without chronic disease in the second year of life
Castro, Elisa Kern; Piccinini, Cesar Augusto

 ·  School inclusion and mental deficiency: analysis of the social interaction among peers
Batista, Marcus Welby; Enumo, Sônia Regina Fiorim

 ·  Cross validation of a scale of organizational climate
Laros, Jacob A.; Puente-Palacios, Katia E.

 ·  The health attention model and the use of anxiolytic by women
Carvalho, Lúcia de Fátima; Dimenstein, Magda

 ·  Textual cohesion and narrative structure in written texts produced by deaf adolescents
Meirelles, Viviany; Spinillo, Alina Galvão

 ·  Children's mental solution to division tasks
Correa, Jane

 ·  The context of social exclusion and vulnerabilities in delinquent youths and their families
Feijó, Maria Cristina; Assis, Simone Gonçalves de

 ·  The AIDS of our days: who is responsible?
Regato, Vilma Cardoso; Assmar, Eveline Maria Leal

 ·  Playing with the fantasy of home: the meaning of family for institutionalized children
Martins, Edna; Szymanski, Heloisa

 ·  Perception of epilepsy stigma in fundamental school teachers
Fernandes, Paula Teixeira; Souza, Elisabete Abib Pedroso de