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Estudos de Psicologia (Natal)
On-line version ISSN 1678-4669


Table of contents
Estud. psicol. (Natal) vol.9 no.2 Natal May/Aug. 2004

 ·  Anonimato e avaliação cega por pares

 ·  Husserl and psychology
Raffaelli, Rafael

 ·  The structure of the 16PF-5, Spanish version: a factor analysis of items
Gouveia, Valdiney V.; Prieto, José María

 ·  The use of spanking and physical punishment in parenting
Weber, Lidia Natalia Dobrianskyj; Viezzer, Ana Paula; Brandenburg, Olivia Justen

 ·  Social representations of law, justice and injustice: a research with Argentinean and Brazilian youngsters using the free evocation of words technique
Shimizu, Alessandra de Morais; Menin, Maria Suzana De Stefano

 ·  The oral naming function on emergencies behaviors of reading and spelling teaching by computer
Medeiros, José Gonçalves; Fernandes, Analu Regis; Pimentel, Raquel; Simone, Ana Carolina Seara

 ·  Construction and validation of an academic life assessment scale
Vendramini, Claudette Maria Medeiros; Santos, Acácia Aparecida Angeli dos; Polydoro, Soely Aparecida Jorge; Sbardelini, Elizabeth Teresa Brunini; Serpa, Maria Nasaré Fonseca; Natário, Elisete Gomes

 ·  University students' attitudes towards pornographic material consumption
Guerra, Valeschka Martins; Andrade, Fernando Cezar B. de; Dias, Mardonio Rique

 ·  The concept of rule in everyday language and in the Experimental Analysis of Behavior
Flores, Eileen Pfeiffer

 ·  Social representation and subjectivity of becoming mentally ill
Brito, Heleni Barreira de; Catrib, Ana Maria Fontenelle

 ·  Conditional discriminations following consistent matching-to-sample training of complex stimuli
Assis, Grauben; Baptista, Marcelo Galvão; Kato, Olivia Misae; Menezes, Aline Beckmann de

 ·  Institutions and power: macropolitical rationale and genealogy
Lobo, Lilia Ferreira

 ·  Social representations of AIDS by female sex workers
Oltramari, Leandro Castro; Camargo, Brigido Vizeu

 ·  Ideas and conceptions permeating professional training among UFRN health courses students
Traverso-Yépez, Martha; Morais, Normanda Araújo de

 ·  The role of the researcher's way of speaking on the construction of text comprehension
Santa-Clara, Angela Maria Oliveira; Ferro, Tícia Cassiany; Ferreira, Sandra Patrícia Ataíde

 Dossier: Psychological practices in institutions: attention, deconstruction and invention
 ·  Práticas psicológicas em instituição: atenção, desconstrução e invenção

 ·  Towards an ethical dimension in psychological practice in institutions
Andrade, Ângela Nobre de; Morato, Henriette Tognetti Penha

 ·  Research and intervention in educational and clinical psychology: scientific investigation and psychological practice
Szymanski, Heloisa; Cury, Vera Engler

 ·  Work Psychology and Clinical Psychology: an essay of articulation focusing the unemployment
Sato, Leny; Schmidt, Maria Luisa Sandoval

 ·  Psychosocial mental health attention: theoretical contribution for a network therapeutic approach
Vieira Filho, Nilson Gomes; Nóbrega, Sheva Maia da

 ·  Considerations on the meanings of clinical psychology in our times
Dutra, Elza

 Book Review
 ·  Tempo e trabalho
Louzada, Fernando Mazzilli