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Estudos de Psicologia (Natal)
On-line version ISSN 1678-4669


Table of contents
Estud. psicol. (Natal) vol.9 no.3 Natal Sep/Dec. 2004

 ·  The new forms of expression of prejudice and racism
Lima, Marcus Eugênio Oliveira; Vala, Jorge

 ·  Sexuality in ageing process: a new guideline - transcultural comparison
Vasconcellos, Doris; Novo, Rosa Ferreira; Castro, Odair Perugini de; Vion-Dury, Kim; Ruschel, Ângela; Couto, Maria Clara Pinheiro de Paula; Colomby, Patrick de; Giami, Alain

 ·  Primiparous mothers' knowledge about child development of different Brazilian urban centers
Moura, Maria Lucia Seidl de; Ribas Jr., Rodolfo de Castro; Piccinini, César Augusto; Bastos, Ana Cecília de Sousa; Magalhães, Celina Maria Colino; Vieira, Mauro Luís; Salomão, Nádia Maria Ribeiro; Silva, Algeless Milka Pereira Meireles da; Silva, Anna Karina da

 ·  Challenges of using social constructionism in psychotherapeutic context
Rasera, Emerson F.; Japur, Marisa

 ·  Locus of control: validation of a scale in a training context
Abbad, Gardênia; Meneses, Pedro Paulo Murce

 ·  Baby's psychofunctional symptoms and parents/baby therapeutic consultations
Pinto, Elizabeth Batista

 ·  Doctor-patient communication and adhesion to treatment in adolescents with chronic organic diseases
Oliveira, Viviane Ziebell de; Gomes, William B.

 ·  Being a drag queen: a study on the characterization of the queer identity
Chidiac, Maria Teresa Vargas; Oltramari, Leandro Castro

 ·  Development and validation of a training system beliefs scale
Freitas, Isa Aparecida de; Borges-Andrade, Jairo Eduardo

 ·  Iatrogeny and social exclusion: madness as an object of scientific discourse in Brazil
Vechi, Luís Gustavo

 ·  The choice of an alternative care for the infant
Rapoport, Andrea; Piccinini, Cesar A.

 ·  Confirmatory factorial analysis of the Psychosocial Values Questionnaire - QVP24
Pereira, Cícero; Camino, Leoncio; Costa, Joseli Bastos da

 ·  Infant's interactions at day care
Anjos, Adriana Mara dos; Amorim, Katia de Souza; Franchi e Vasconcelos, Cleido Roberto; Rossetti-Ferreira, Maria Clotilde

 ·  Scientific production on brief psychotherapies in Brazil and other Latin-American countries (1990-2000)
Ferreira, Neci Sena; Yoshida, Elisa Medici Pizão

 ·  The dentist's behavior analysis in the context of children treatment
Rolim, Gustavo S.; Moraes, Antônio Bento Alves de; César, José; Costa Junior, Áderson Luiz

 ·  Perception and judgment of organizational retaliation: construction and factorial validation of an instrument
Mendonça, Helenides; Flauzino, Dulce Pires; Tamayo, Álvaro; Paz, Maria das Graças Torres

 ·  Stress and family relationships from the perspective of siblings of individuals with pervasive developmental disorders
Gomes, Vanessa Fonseca; Bosa, Cleonice

 ·  Anxiety and learning: peer interaction in solving algebraic problems
Loos, Helga

 ·  Marital satisfaction in long lasting marriages: a feasible construction
Norgren, Maria de Betânia Paes; Souza, Rosane Mantilla de; Kaslow, Florence; Hammerschmidt, Helga; Sharlin, Shlomo A.

 ·  Psychologist mothers or mother psychologists: vicissitudes in childrearing practices
Oliveira, Thaís Thomé Seni da Silva e; Caldana, Regina Helena Lima