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Estudos de Psicologia (Natal)
On-line version ISSN 1678-4669


Table of contents
Estud. psicol. (Natal) vol.17 no.1 Natal Jan./Apr. 2012

Almondes, Katie; Lopes, Fívia

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 ·  Parental child-rearing practices, behavior problems and pre-school children's social competence
Marin, Angela Helena; Piccinini, Cesar Augusto; Gonçalves, Tonantzin Ribeiro; Tudge, Jonathan R. H.

 ·  Characteristics and dynamics of the family of talented adolescents
Ferreira, Jane Farias Chagas; Fleith, Denise de Sousa

 ·  Gender, systemizing style and cognitive maps: examining their links in the general population
Milfont, Taciano Lemos; Coelho, Jorge Artur Peçanha de Miranda; Pessoa, Viviany Silva; Gouveia, Valdiney Veloso

 ·  The argumentative nature of the predictive inferencial processes of the textual comprehension
Cavalcante, Tícia Cassiany Ferro; Leitão, Selma

 ·  Metacomprehension and intelligence: a correlate study with elementary students
Joly, Maria Cristina Rodrigues Azevedo; Dias, Anelise Silva

 ·  Conditional reasoning: the conclusion depends on the knowledge stored in memory
Castilho, Goiara Mendonça de; Janczura, Gerson Américo

 ·  Patterns of organization of the mother-infant communication in face-to-face interactions: the study of five dyads
Lyra, Maria da Conceição Diniz Pereira de; Silva, Emmanuelle Christine Chaves da; Silva, Ana Claudia Alves da

 ·  Human rights and democracy in children's education: the role of the school psychologist at a pro-education association
Chagas, Julia Chamusca; Pedroza, Regina Lúcia Sucupira; Branco, Angela Uchoa

 ·  The characterization of John B. Watson as a methodological behaviorist in Brazilian literature: possible control sources
Strapasson, Bruno Angelo

 ·  Brazilian theses and dissertations about equivalence relations: a production analysis from 1998 to 2000
Oliveira, Juliana Barboza Caetano de; Haydu, Verônica Bender

 Dossier: Neuroscience and Psychopatology
 ·  Decision making in addiction to crack: a study with the Iowa Gambling Task
Viola, Thiago Wendt; Cardoso, Caroline de Oliveira; Francke, Ingrid D'Avila; Gonçalves, Hosana Alves; Pezzi, Julio Carlos; Araújo, Renata Brasil; Fonseca, Rochele Paz; Grassi-Oliveira, Rodrigo

 ·  Assessment of anxiety and attentional bias in the visual channel toward emotional stimuli in a non-clinical sample
Melo, Wilson Vieira; Oliveira Junior, Alcyr Alves de; Peixoto, Marjana da Silva; Araujo, Lisiane Bizarro

 ·  Patients with major depression have visual contrast sensitivity less than healthy subjects
Nogueira, Renata Maria Toscano Barreto Lyra; Santos, Natanael Antonio dos

 ·  Effect of lithium treatment on the locomotor hyperactivity induced by the lesion of the region of the median raphe nucleus in rats
Pezzato, Fernanda Augustini; Novais, Diego Bertanha; Garcia-Mijares, Miriam; Hoshino, Katsumasa

 ·  Social snxiety and attribution of affect to neutral faces
Alves, Nelson Torro; Rodrigues, Marcelli Roberto; Souza, Ingrid Brasilino Montenegro Bento de; Sousa, João Paulo Machado de

 ·  Autobiographical memory investigation among aged Alzheimer's disease patients in mild and moderate stages
Lemos, Caroline Araújo; Hazin, Izabel; Falcão, Jorge Tarcísio da Rocha

 ·  Involvement of ventral hippocampus 5-HT2C receptors on defensive behaviors of rats in the elevated plus-maze
Carvalho, Marília Greidinger; Ferreira, Graziela Furtado Scarpelli; Salviano, Marcelo de Faria; Silva, Flávia Martins da; Couto, Kalliu Carvalho; Alves, Sérgio Henrique de Souza; Cruz, Antonio Pedro de Mello

 ·  Body image, anxiety and depression in obese patients submitted to bariatric surgery
Almeida, Sebastião Sousa; Zanatta, Daniela Peroco; Rezende, Fabiana Faria

 ·  Memory rehabilitation of elderly adults with mnemonic complaints and depressive symptoms: a pilot study
Maria Netto, Tania; Fonseca, Rochele Paz; Landeira-Fernandez, Jesus

 ·  Psychiatric comorbidities in abstinent drug addict in a protected environment
Hess, Adriana Raquel Binsfeld; Almeida, Rosa Maria Martins de; Moraes, André Luiz

 ·  Behavior profile and social competence in children and adolescents with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Zachi, Elaine Cristina; Taub, Anita; Ventura, Dora Fix