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Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy
On-line version ISSN 1809-9246


Table of contents
Rev. bras. fisioter. vol.10 no.3 São Carlos July/Sept. 2006

 Rewiew Articles
 ·  Issues in aging in individuals with life long disabilities
Connolly, BH

 Scientific articles
 ·  Influence of object size and rigidity on proximal and distal adjustments to infant reaching
Rocha, NACF; Silva, FPS; Tudella, E

 ·  Factors related to compliance with biomechanical insole use
Guimarães, CQ; Teixeira-Salmela, LF; Rocha, IC; Bicalho, LI; Sabino, GS

 ·  Physical activity levels, pain and swelling and their relationships with knee muscle dysfunction in elderly people with osteoarthritis
Zacaron, KAM; Dias, JMD; Abreu, NS; Dias, RC

 ·  Evaluation of ventilatory mechanics in individuals with temporomandibular dysfunction and in asymptomatic individuals
Pasinato, F; Corrêa, ECR; Peroni, ABF

 ·  Reduction in analgesic effect from low-frequency transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in morphine-tolerant rats
Resende, MA; Gonçalves, HH; Sabino, GS; Pereira, LSM; Francischi, JN

 ·  Effects of neuromuscular electrical stimulation on rat hind limbs immobilized for 15 days: metabolic and morphometric analyses
Durigan, JLQ; Cancelliero, KM; Dias, CKN; Silva, CA; Guirro, RRJ; Polacow, MLO

 ·  Comparative study between heated water humidifiers and hygroscopic heat and moisture exchangers in artificial airways for patients undergoing invasive mechanical ventilation
Galvão, AM; Galindo Filho, VC; Marinho, PEM; Gomes, R; França, EET; Brandão, DC; Santos, BEM; Silva, LAM; Dornelas de Andrade, AF

 ·  Translation and cultural adaptation of WORC: a quality-of-life questionnaire for rotator cuff disorders
Lopes, AD; Stadniky, SP; Masiero, D; Carrera, EF; Ciconelli, RM; Griffin, S

 ·  Depression and quality of life among patients with fibromyalgia
Santos, AMB; Assumpção, A; Matsutani, LA; Pereira, CAB; Lage, LV; Marques, AP

 ·  Control of voluntary movements in the non-affected upper limb of spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy patients
Barela, AMF; Almeida, GL

 ·  Determination of anaerobic threshold in healthy elderly people: comparison between different methods
Pozzi, LG; Melo, RC; Quitério, RJ; Milan, LA; Diniz, CAR; Dias, TCM; Oliveira, L; Silva, E; Catai, AM

 ·  Relationship between ankle and foot mobility and the magnitude of the vertical ground reaction force
Vianna, DL; Greve, JMD

 ·  Creation of a balance assessment protocol of balance for four, six and eight-year-old children: a functional perspective
Cury, RLSM; Magalhães, LC

 ·  Maze test: instrument for analyzing the acquisition of motor skills
Souza, DE; França, FR; Campos, TF