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Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy
On-line version ISSN 1809-9246


Table of contents
Rev. bras. fisioter. vol.12 no.1 São Carlos Jan./Feb. 2008

 ·  The International Society of Physiotsherapy Journal Editors
Herbert, Rob

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 Scientific Articles
 ·  Consequences of chronic renal insufficiency on the exercise capacity, nutritional status, pulmonary function and respiratory musculature of children and adolescents
Coelho, CC; Aquino, ES; Lara, KL; Peres, TM; Barja, PR; Lima, EM

 ·  Evaluation of autonomic heart rate modulation among sedentary young men, in seated and supine postures
Zuttin, RS; Moreno, MA; César, MC; Martins, LEB; Catai, AM; Silva, E

 ·  Assessment of neuromuscular activation in individuals with scoliosis using surface electromyography
Bassani, E; Candotti, CT; Pasini, M; Melo, M; La Torre, M

 ·  Effects of two educational programs on musculoskeletal symptoms in office workers
De Vitta, A; Bertaglia, RS; Padovani, CR

 ·  Analysis of the reflex response time of the patellar stabilizer muscles in individuals with patellofemoral pain syndrome
Bevilaqua-Grossi, D; Felicio, LR; Leocádio, LP

 ·  Influence of complex descongestive physical therapy associated with intake of medium-chain triglycerides for treating upper-limb lymphedema
Oliveira, J; César, TB

 ·  Clinical analysis of the effect of laser photobiomodulation (GaAs - 904 nm) on temporomandibular joint dysfunction
Frare, JC; Nicolau, RA

 ·  Plantar force distribution and pressure center oscillation in relation to the weight and positioning of school supplies and books in student's backpack
Rodrigues, S; Montebelo, MIL; Teodori, RM

 ·  A look into Repetitive Strain Injury/Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders within physical therapists' clinical context
Augusto, VG; Sampaio, RF; Tirado, MGA; Mancini, MC; Parreira, VF

 ·  Effects of hydrotherapy in balance and prevention of falls among elderly women
Resende, SM; Rassi, CM

 ·  Glycosaminoglycan loss from cartilage after anterior cruciate ligament rupture: influence of time since rupture and chondral injury
Mattiello-Rosa, SMG; Cintra Neto, PFA; Lima, GEG; Pinto, KNZ; Cohen, M; Pimentel, ER

 ·  Analysis of low-level laser therapy doses in Brazilian equipment
Fukuda, TY; Malfatti, CA