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Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy
On-line version ISSN 1809-9246


Table of contents
Rev. bras. fisioter. vol.12 no.6 São Carlos Nov./Dec. 2008

 ·  By joining forces, we will be strong! Brazilian Association for Research and Graduate Studies in Physical Therapy
Andrade, Armèle F. Dornelas de; Britto, Raquel Rodrigues

 Originals Articles
 ·  Electrical stimulation and isokinetic training: effects on strength and neuromuscular properties of healthy young adults
Avila, MA; Brasileiro, JS; Salvini, TF

 ·  Effects of cryotherapy, transcutaneous electrical stimulation and their combination on femoral nerve electrical activity in rats
Santuzzi, CH; Gonçalves, WLS; Rocha, SS; Castro, MEC; Gouvea, SA; Abreu, GR

 ·  Effects of educational sessions on school backpack use among elementary school students
Fernandes, SMS; Casarotto, RA; João, SMA

 ·  Postural influence of high heels among adult women: analysis by computerized photogrammetry
Iunes, DH; Monte-Raso, VV; Santos, CBA; Castro, FA; Salgado, HS

 ·  Effects of sensor, trials and knee joint variables on electrogoniometric gait recordings
Carnaz, L; Oliveira, AB; Sato, TO; Hansson, G-A; Coury, HJCG

 ·  Effects of external load on spontaneous kicking by one and two-month-old infants
Landgraf, JF; Tudella, E

 ·  Use of different electrical stimulations for treating pain in women with temporomandibular disorders
Rodrigues-Bigaton, D; Almeida, AFN; Berni, KCS; Pedroni, CR; Gonçalves, RN; Bérzin, F

 ·  Prevalence of urinary symptoms and associated obstetric factors in adult women
Dellú, MC; Zácaro, PMD; Schmitt, ACB

 ·  Hematological changes produced by 1MHz continuous ultrasound, applied during the acute phase of iatrogenic muscle injury in rats
Plentz, RDM; Stoffel, PB; Kolling, GJ; Costa, ST; Beck, C; Signori, LU

 ·  Breathing pattern and thoracoabdominal motion in mouth-breathing children
Brant, TCS; Parreira, VF; Mancini, MC; Becker, HMG; Reis, AFC; Britto, RR

 Methodological Articles
 ·  Comparative study between two elbow flexion exercises using the estimated resultant muscle force
Loss, JF; Candotti, CT

Reliability of the translation and adaptation of the Test d'Évaluation des Membres Supérieurs des Personnes Âgées (TEMPA) to the Portuguese language and validation for adults with hemiparesis
Michaelsen, SM; Natalio, MA; Silva, AG; Pagnussat, AS

 Letter to the Editor
 ·  Physical exercises for fibromialgy: muscle stretching vs. physical conditioning
Andrade, SC; Carvalho, RFPP; Vilar, MJ