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Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy
On-line version ISSN 1809-9246


Table of contents
Rev. bras. fisioter. vol.13 no.5 São Carlos Sept./Oct. 2009

 ·  New study on the Brazilian physical therapy researcher
Salvini, Tania F.

 Systematic Review
 ·  Physical therapy treatment on frailty syndrome: systematic review
Arantes, Paula M. M.; Alencar, Mariana A.; Dias, Rosângela C.; Dias, João Marcos D.; Pereira, Leani S. M.

 Originals Articles
 ·  The influence of sociodemographic and epidemiological characteristics on the functional capacity of elderly residents in the city of Ubá, Minas Gerais
Nunes, Maria Célia R.; Ribeiro, Rita C. L.; Rosado, Lina E. F. P. L.; Franceschini, Sylvia C.

 ·  Strength of pelvic floor muscles and sexual function during pregnancy
Franceschet, Joseli; Sacomori, Cinara; Cardoso, Fernando L.

 ·  Functional performance assessment of children with cerebral palsy according to motor impairment levels
Vasconcelos, Rosangela L. M.; Moura, Thayse L.; Campos, Tania F.; Lindquist, Ana R. R.; Guerra, Ricardo O.

 ·  Foot posture and classification of the plantar arch among adolescent wearers and non-wearers of high-heeled shoes
Pezzan, Patrícia A. O.; Sacco, Isabel C. N.; João, Silvia M. A.

 ·  Reliability, comprehension and acceptability of the Portuguese version of the Motor Assessment Scale in stroke patients
Conte, Ana L. F.; Ferrari, Paula P.; Carvalho, Thais B.; Relvas, Patrícia C. A.; Neves, Rita C. M.; Rosa, Sérgio F.

 ·  Two-weeks of elbow immobilization affects torque production but does not change muscle activation
Karolczak, Ana P. B.; Diefenthaeler, Fernando; Geremia, Jeam M.; Vaz, Marco A.

 ·  Muscle fatigue assessment by mechanomyography during application of NMES protocol
Faller, Lilian; Nogueira Neto, Guilherme N.; Button, Vera L. S. N.; Nohama, Percy

 ·  Physical performance and number of falls in older adult fallers
Gomes, Grace A. O.; Cintra, Fernanda A.; Diogo, Maria José D.; Neri, Anita L.; Guariento, Maria E.; Sousa, Maria L. R.

 ·  Contralateral force irradiation for the activation of tibialis anterior muscle in carriers of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease: effect of PNF intervention program
Meningroni, Paula C.; Nakada, Carolina S.; Hata, Luciana; Fuzaro, Amanda C.; Marques Júnior, Wilson; Araujo, João E.

 ·  Association between visual deficit and clinical-functional characteristics among community-dwelling older adults
Luiz, Lívia C.; Rebelatto, José R.; Coimbra, Arlete M.V.; Ricci, Natalia A.

 ·  Performance of hemiplegic patients in 180º turns in the direction of the paretic and non-paretic sides before and after a training program
Faria, Christina D. C. M.; Reis, Dirlene A.; Teixeira-Salmela, Luci F.; Nadeau, Sylvie