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Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy
On-line version ISSN 1809-9246


Table of contents
Rev. bras. fisioter. vol.13 no.6 São Carlos Nov./Dec. 2009

 ·  Evaluation of the current administration's activities and presentation of the new editors of the Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy
Salvini, Tania F.; Fonseca, Sérgio T.

 Systematic Review
 ·  Evaluation of the effectiveness of workplace exercise in controlling neck, shoulder and low back pain: a systematic review
Coury, Helenice J. C. G.; Moreira, Roberta F. C.; Dias, Natália B.

 Originals Articles
 ·  Quality of life in women with refractory overactive bladder treated with percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation
Fischer-Sgrott, Francine O.; Manffra, Elisangela F.; Busato Junior, Wilson F. S.

 ·  Acute effects of mechanical ventilation with hyperoxia on the morphometry of the rat diaphragm
Lopes, Célia R.; Sales, André L. M.; Simões, Manuel De J.; Angelis, Marco A.; Oliveira, Nuno M. L.

 ·  Neural mobilization and static stretching in an experimental sciatica model: an experimental study
Bertolini, Gladson R. F.; Silva, Taciane S.; Trindade, Danilo L.; Ciena, Adriano P.; Carvalho, Alberito R.

 ·  Electrical resistance of gels and liquids used in electrotherapy for electrode-skin coupling
Bolfe, Viviane J.; Guirro, Rinaldo R. J.

 ·  Family health program: proposal for identification of risk factors for neuropsychomotor development
Amorim, Roberta C. A.; Laurentino, Glória E. C.; Barros, Karla M. F. T.; Ferreira, Agelia L. P. R.; Moura Filho, Alberto G.; Raposo, Maria Cristina F.

 ·  The view of Brazilian orthopedists on partial weight bearing in open fractures of the tibial shaft following osteosynthesis
Sella, Valéria R. G.; Machado, Paula C. D.; Fernandes, Hélio J. A.; Limonge, William R.; Reis, Fernando B.; Faloppa, Flávio

 ·  Mechanical evaluation of the resistance of elastic bands
Santos, Gilmar M.; Tavares, Graziela M. S.; Gasperi, Graziela de; Bau, Giseli R.

 ·  Effects of constraint-induced movement therapy in children with hemiplegia: a single case experimental study
Brandão, Marina B.; Mancini, Marisa C.; Vaz, Daniela V.; Bueno, Ângela M.; Furtado, Sheyla R. C.; Coelho, Zélia A. C.

 ·  Comparative study of pelvic floor function in continent and incontinent postmenopausal women
Souza, Cláudia E. C.; Lima, Ricardo M.; Bezerra, Lidia M. A.; Pereira, Rinaldo W.; Moura, Tailce K.; Oliveira, Ricardo J.

 ·  Comparison of plantar pressure and musculoskeletal symptoms with the use of custom and prefabricated insoles in the work environment
Almeida, Josiane S.; Carvalho Filho, Guaracy; Pastre, Carlos M.; Padovani, Carlos R.; Martins, Rodrigo A. D. M.

 ·  Comparing static sitting postural sway of healthy young and older adults
Melo, Patrícia S.; Ferreira, Tárcia P.; Santos-Pontelli, Taiza E. G.; Carneiro, José A. O.; Carneiro, Antonio A. O.; Colafêmina, José F.