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Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy
On-line version ISSN 1809-9246


Table of contents
Rev. bras. fisioter. vol.15 no.2 São Carlos Mar./Apr. 2011

 ·  The mission of ABEC regarding the challenges faced by Brazilian periodicals
Barraviera, Benedito

 Originals Articles
 ·  Electromyographic activity of shoulder muscles during exercises performed with oscillatory and non-oscillatory poles
Hallal, Camilla Z.; Marques, Nise R.; Silva, Sarah R. D.; Dieën, Jaap V.; Gonçalves, Mauro

 ·  Predictive values at risk of falling in physically active and no active elderly with Berg Balance Scale
Santos, Gilmar M.; Souza, Ana C. S.; Virtuoso, Janeisa F.; Tavares, Graziela M. S.; Mazo, Giovana Z.

 ·  Analysis of cardiovascular system responses to forced vital capacity in COPD
Mendes, Felipe A. R.; Moreno, Isadora L.; Durand, Marina T.; Pastre, Carlos M.; Ramos, Ercy M. C.; Vanderlei, Luiz C. M.

 ·  Clinical profile, quality of life and depressive symptoms of women with urinary incontince attending a university hospital
Knorst, Mara R.; Resende, Thais L.; Goldim, José R.

 ·  Usual gait speed assessment in middle-aged and elderly Brazilian subjects
Novaes, Rômulo D.; Miranda, Aline S.; Dourado, Victor Z.

 ·  Total hip arthroplasty in the elderly: impact on functional performance
Guedes, Rita C.; Dias, João M. D.; Dias, Rosângela C.; Borges, Viviane S.; Lustosa, Lygia P.; Rosa, Nayza M. B.

 ·  Does the BODE index reflect the level of physical activity in daily life in patients with COPD?
Mantoani, Leandro C.; Hernandes, Nídia A.; Guimarães, Mônica M.; Vitorasso, Renato L.; Probst, Vanessa S.; Pitta, Fábio

 ·  Relationship between very low birth weight, environmental factors, and motor and cognitive development of children of 5 and 6 years old
Oliveira, Gisele E.; Magalhães, Lívia C.; Salmela, Luci F. T.

 ·  Functional performance of upper limb and quality of life after sentinel lymph node biopsy of breast cancer
Velloso, Fernanda S. B.; Barra, Alexandre A.; Dias, Rosângela C.

 ·  Evaluation of workload among industrial workers with the Need for Recovery Scale
Moriguchi, Cristiane S.; Alem, Michele E. R.; Coury, Helenice J. C. G.

 ·  Postoperative chest physical therapy prevents respiratory complications in patients undergoing esophagectomy
Lunardi, Adriana C.; Cecconello, Ivan; Carvalho, Celso R. F.

 ·  Validity and reliability of clinical tests for assessing passive ankle stiffness
Araújo, Vanessa L.; Carvalhais, Viviane O. C.; Souza, Thales R.; Ocarino, Juliana M.; Gonçalves, Gabriela G. P.; Fonseca, Sérgio T.