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Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy
versión On-line ISSN 1809-9246


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Rev. bras. fisioter. vol.16 no.2 São Carlos marzo/abr. 2012

 ·  New editorial policies of BJPT
Grossi, Débora B.; Mancini, Marisa C.; Catai, Aparecida M.

 Systematic Review
 ·  Assessment of cross-cultural adaptations and measurement properties of self-report outcome measures relevant to shoulder disability in Portuguese: a systematic review
Puga, Vanessa O. O.; Lopes, Alexandre D.; Costa, Leonardo O. P.

 Review Article
 ·  Aging and work: a challenge for the rehabilitation schedule
Sampaio, Rosana F.; Augusto, Viviane G.

 Originals Articles
 ·  Physical therapy intervention in women with urinary incontinence associated with pelvic organ prolapse
Knorst, Mara R.; Cavazzotto, Karilena; Henrique, Magali; Resende, Thais L.

 ·  Effects of ELTGOL and Flutter VRP1® on the dynamic and static pulmonary volumes and on the secretion clearance of patients with bronchiectasis
Guimarães, Fernando S.; Moço, Vanessa J. R.; Menezes, Sara L. S.; Dias, Cristina M.; Salles, Raquel E. B.; Lopes, Agnaldo J.

 ·  Exercise training program based on minimum weekly frequencies: effects on blood pressure and physical fitness in elderly hypertensive patients
Moraes, Wilson M. De; Souza, Pamella R. M.; Pinheiro, Mônica H. N. P.; Irigoyen, Maria C.; Medeiros, Alessandra; Koike, Marcia K.

 ·  Different instructions during the ten-meter walking test determined significant increases in maximum gait speed in individuals with chronic hemiparesis
Nascimento, Lucas R.; Caetano, Lívia C. G.; Freitas, Daniele C. M. A.; Morais, Tatiane M.; Polese, Janaine C.; Teixeira-Salmela, Luci F.

 ·  Effects of an educational back care program on Brazilian schoolchildren's knowledge regarding back pain prevention
Foltran, Fabiana A.; Moreira, Roberta F. C.; Komatsu, Mariana O.; Falconi, Mariana F.; Sato, Tatiana O.

 ·  Correlation among the Visual Gait Assessment Scale, Edinburgh Visual Gait Scale and Observational Gait Scale in children with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy
Bella, Geruza P.; Rodrigues, Nádia B. B.; Valenciano, Paola J.; Silva, Luciana M. A. E.; Souza, Regina C. T.

 ·  Evaluation of acute radiation effects on mandibular movements of patients with head and neck cancer
Bragante, Karoline C.; Nascimento, Daniela M.; Motta, Neiro W.

 ·  Age-graded reductions in quadriceps muscle strength and peak aerobic capacity in COPD
Spruit, Martijn A.; Franssen, Frits M. E.; Rutten, Erica P. A.; Wagers, Scott S.; Wouters, Emiel F. M.

 ·  Modified constraint-induced movement therapy and modified forced-use therapy for stroke patients are both effective to promote balance and gait improvements
Fuzaro, Amanda C.; Guerreiro, Carlos T.; Galetti, Fernanda C.; Jucá, Renata B. V. M.; Araujo, João E. de

 ·  Fall-related factors among less and more active older outpatients
Perracini, Monica R.; Teixeira, Luiza F.; Ramos, Juliane L. A.; Pires, Raquel S.; Najas, Myrian S.

 Letter to the Editor
 ·  Muscular power training: a new perspective in physical therapy approach of Parkinson's disease
Lima, Lidiane O.; Rodrigues-de-Paula, Fátima