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Engenharia Sanitaria e Ambiental
On-line version ISSN 1809-4457


Table of contents
Eng. Sanit. Ambient. vol.10 no.4 Rio de Janeiro Oct./Dec. 2005

 ·  A problem solving approach to aquatic chemistry
Ferreira Filho, Sidney Seckler

 Notas Técnicas
 ·  Post-treatment a nitrified parboilized rice wastewater using denitrification in UASB reactor
Isoldi, Loraine Andre; Koetz, Paulo Roberto; Isoldi, Liércio André

 ·  Analysis of biodegradation of citric oil compounds by GC/MSD and analysis of the microbial population of an activated sludge reactor in the treatment of a citric wastewater
Ponezi, Alexandre Nunes; Duarte, Marta Cristina Teixeira; Coraucci Filho, Bruno; Figueiredo, Roberto Feijó de

 ·  Influence of aeration conditions in phenolics effluents treatment using biofilms in aerobic reactor
Maiorano, Alfredo Eduardo; Zuccolo-Fieri, Marisa; Carter, José Marcio; Costa, Alberto José Moitta da; Leite, Jader Vieira; Sanchez, Cássia Regina; Magossi, Luiz Roberto; Andrade, Renato de Jesus; Terra, Márcio Henrique

 Artigos Técnicos
 ·  Removal of humic substances by means of oxidation with ozone and hydrogen peroxide and FiME
Tangerino, Edson Pereira; Di Bernardo, Luiz

 ·  Pneumatic solid waste: critical analyses of institutional actions and technologies for waste minimization
Cimino, Marly Alvarez; Zanta, Viviana Maria

 ·  Maturation of slow sand filters and removal of microorganisms' indicators of water quality along the media depth: an evaluation in pilot plant
Brito, Ludmila Ladeira Alves de; Cardoso, Allisson Badaró; Salvador, Daniella Pedrosa; Heller, Léo

 ·  Proposal of a quality index applied on the water treatment plants
Lopes, Vanessa Cristina; Libânio, Marcelo

 ·  Microfauna characterization in activated sludge wastewater treatment plant: an instrument of assessment and control of process
Bento, Alessandra Pellizzaro; Sezerino, Pablo Heleno; Philippi, Luiz Sergio; Reginatto, Valeria; Lapolli, Flavio Rubens

 ·  Time series analysis on the operation of a poultry slaughterhouse wastewater treatment plant
Nardi, Ivana Ribeiro de; Lima, Almir Rogério de; Amorim, Ariuska Karla Barbosa; Del Nery, Valéria

 ·  Evaluation of 166 treatment plants operating in Brazil, comprising several technologies. Part 1: performance analysis
Oliveira, Sílvia M. A. Corrêa; von Sperling, Marcos

 ·  Evaluation of 166 treatment plants operating in Brazil, comprising several technologies. Part 2: the influence of design and operational parameters
Oliveira, Sílvia M. A. Corrêa; von Sperling, Marcos