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Engenharia Sanitaria e Ambiental
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Table of contents
Eng. Sanit. Ambient. vol.16 no.4 Rio de Janeiro Oct./Dec. 2011

Avanços importantes
Carvalho, Cassilda Teixeira de

 ·  Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality
World Health Organization

 Notas Técnicas
 ·  Litter composition delivered by street sweeping and by the storm drainage network, in an urban catchment
Neves, Marllus Gustavo Ferreira Passos das; Tucci, Carlos Eduardo Morelli

 ·  Disinfection of rainwater by ultraviolet radiation
Wisbeck, Elisabeth; Sandri, Edgar K; Soares, Andrea L M; Medeiros, Sandra H W

 Artigos Técnicos
 ·  Measuring air volume in household pipes by means of a pilot scale study
Lopes, Ney Procópio; Lara, Márcia; Libânio, Marcelo

 ·  Removal of the odoriferous compounds geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol from drinking water by the processes of cascade aeration, air strippingand nanofiltration
Zat, Michely; Benetti, Antonio D

 ·  Sulfate removal from industrial effluents by precipitation
Ferreira, Bruno Christiano Silva; Lima, Rosa Malena Fernandes; Leão, Versiane Albis

 ·  Analysis of the potential contributions of the Strategic Environmental Assessment to the Brazilian Energy Plan
Santos, Simone Mendonça dos; Souza, Marcelo Pereira de

 ·  Evaluation of microfiltration for removal of sludge generated in advanced oxidation process by Fenton reagent in treatment of landfill leachate
Moravia, Wagner Guadagnin; Lange, Liséte Celina; Amaral, Míriam Cristina Santos

 ·  Evaluation of the correlation between atmospheric pollutant concentrations and elderly mortality in Curitiba
Esquivel, Guilherme Augusto Robles; Gomes, Júlio; Grauer, Andreas Friedrich

 ·  Privatization of water and sanitation services: a qualitative analysis in the light of the case of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Brazil
Oliveira, Thiago Guedes de; Rezende, Sonaly; Heller, Léo

 ·  Physical-chemical processes as an alternative to pre-and post-treatment of landfill leachate
Queiroz, Luciano Matos; Amaral, Mailer Sene; Morita, Dione Mari; Yabroudi, Suher Carolina; Sobrinho, Pedro Alem

 ·  Sewage treatment in a sequencing batch hybrid reactor: efficiency and stability in organic matter and nutrient (N, P) removal
Lamego Neto, Luiz Gonzaga; Costa, Rejane Helena Ribeiro da

 ·  Social participation in selective collection program of municipal solid waste
Bringhenti, Jacqueline R.; Günther, Wanda M. Risso