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Ciência e Agrotecnologia
On-line version ISSN 1981-1829


Table of contents
Ciênc. agrotec. vol.29 no.5 Lavras Sept./Oct. 2005

 Ciências Agrárias
 ·  Association between potato agronomic characteristics in spring and autumn growing seasons in Rio Grande do Sul
Andreu, Mario Alejandro

 ·  Degree of resistance to oidium in genotypes of grapevine
Ribeiro, Valtemir Gonçalves; Camargo, Umberto Almeida; Maia, João Dimas Garcia

 ·  Mulching in lettuce cv. Regina 2000, in Ji-Paraná/RO
Carvalho, Jimmy Elizio de; Zanella, Fabio; Mota, José Hortêncio; Lima, Ana Lúcia da Silva

 ·  Soil compaction and water management. I: effects upon uptake of N, P, K, root and shoot dry matter of rice plants
Medeiros, Roberto Dantas de; Soares, Antônio Alves; Guimarães, Renato Mendes

 ·  Growth and carcass yield of Santa Inês and Somalis brasiliense cross breed lambs raising in semi-intensive system production
Selaive-Villarroel, Arturo Bernardo; Souza Júnior, Francisco Augusto de

 ·  Effect of within row spacing and number of seedlings per hole on autumn and winter season
Reghin, Marie Yamamoto; Otto, Rosana Fernandes; Olinik, Jean Ricardo; Jacoby, Carlos Felipe Stülp

 ·  Effects of soil compaction and water management upon yield components and rice grain yields
Medeiros, Roberto Dantas de; Soares, Antônio Alves; Guimarães, Renato Mendes

 ·  Rooting of quince 'Portugal' and 'Japonês' cuttings in different ambient and positions in the recipients
Pio, Rafael; Ramos, José Darlan; Chalfun, Nilton Nagib Jorge; Gontijo, Tiago Chaltein Almeida; Carrijo, Edney Paulo; Mendonça, Vander; Alvarenga, Ângelo Albérico; Abrahão, Enilson

 ·  Muskmelon plant agronomical indice values associated with adequadenitrogen fertilizer rate, in unheated greenhouse and field
Coelho, Evando Luiz; Fontes, Paulo Cezar Rezende

 ·  Biological persistence of ametryn, diuron, and oxyfluorfen in soil
Peñaherrera-Colina, Luis Antonio; Souza, Itamar Ferreira de; Guilherme, Luiz Roberto Guimarães; Bueno Filho, Júlio Sílvio de Sousa

 ·  Monthly rainfall in levels of probability by the gamma distribution for two places of the southwest of Bahia state
Murta, Rogério Mendes; Teodoro, Sônia Martins; Bonomo, Paulo; Chaves, Modesto Antônio

 ·  Production of 'Comum' arrowroot obtained from three types of propagules
Zárate, Néstor Antonio Heredia; Vieira, Maria do Carmo

 Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos
 ·  Evaluation of soybean oil submitted to the frying process of varied foods
Jorge, Neuza; Janieri, Camila

 ·  Characterization of some seed oils of fruits for utilization of industrial residues
Kobori, Cíntia Nanci; Jorge, Neuza

 ·  Potassium leaching and eletric conductivity of grain coffee (Coffea arabica L.) exsudate: some factors that may affect these evaluations
Malta, Marcelo Ribeiro; Pereira, Rosemary Gualberto Fonseca Alvarenga; Chagas, Sílvio Júlio de Rezende

 ·  Osmotic dehydration of mango followed by conventional drying: evaluation of process variables
Souza Neto, Manoel Alves de; Maia, Geraldo Arraes; Lima, Janice Ribeiro; Figueiredo, Raimundo Wilane de; Souza Filho, Men de Sá Moreira de; Lima, Andréa da Silva

 ·  Pre-treatments effects on browning of fuji and gala apple cultivars after freezing
Haminiuk, Charles Windson Isidoro; Oliveira, Celso Ruiz Guarani; Baggio, Érica Cristina Ramirez; Masson, Maria Lúcia

 ·  Influence of the sanitation on the quality of the fresh cut yellow melon: part II
Santos, Helga Parra dos; Valle, Roberta Hilsdorf Piccoli do

 Economia e Administração do Agronegócio
 ·  Profitability analysis of the finishing of beef cattle in feedlot: a study of case in 2003, in west region of Minas Gerais State, Brazil
Lopes, Marcos Aurélio; Magalhães, Gustavo Pires

 Engenharia Rural
 ·  Determination of kinetic parameters of a lab-scale upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reator (uasb) removing organic loading from swine manure effluents
Campos, Cláudio Milton Montenegro; Saléh, Bruno Botelho; Carmo, Fernanda Ribeiro do

 Zootecnia e Medicina Veterinária
 ·  A comparative among certificators of traceability credenced by SISBOV-MAPA
Rolim, Francisco Juraci; Lopes, Marcos Aurélio

 ·  CU$TO CAPRINO CORTE 1.0: a cost control software for beef goat production
Lopes, Marcos Aurélio; Campello, Romildo de Pinho; Carvalho, Francisval de Melo; Lopes, Delmara de Cássia Fernandes

 ·  Supplementation levels of crossbred steers on pasture
Leão, Marcia Martins; Andrade, Ivo Francisco de; Baião, Afranio Afonso Ferrari; Baião, Edinéia Alves Moreira; Baião, Leonardo Alves Moreira; Pérez, Juan Ramón Olalquiaga; Freitas, Rilke Tadeu Fonseca de

 ·  Quality of agricultural software: a case study
Cócaro, Henri; Lopes, Marcos Aurélio; Campos, Fernanda Cláudia Alves

 ·  Seed germination and seedling development of Moringa oleifera L. under different environments and submitted to pre-soaking
Alves, Maria da Conceição Sampaio; Medeiros Filho, Sebastião; Bezerra, Antônio Marcos Esmeraldo; Oliveira, Verônica Cavalcante de