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Psicologia em Estudo
On-line version ISSN 1807-0329


Table of contents
Psicol. estud. vol.12 no.3 Maringá Set./Dec. 2007

 Dossiê - Psicologia e trabalho
 ·  The phenomenon of mobbing among university employees
Justicia, Fernando Justicia; Benítez Muñoz, Juan L.; Fernández de Haro, Eduardo; Berbén, Ana G.

 ·  Transformation devices from suffering to illness within a service firm
Brant, Luiz Carlos; Minayo-Gómez, Carlos

 ·  Psychological suffering of nursing professionals at an oncology unit
Avellar, Luziane Zacché; Iglesias, Alexandra; Valverde, Priscila Fernandes

 ·  Significance in cleaning and conservation activities
Diogo, Maria Fernanda

 ·  Women who run small enterprises: redifining the importance of professional activity
Losada, Beatriz Lucas; Rocha-Coutinho, Maria Lúcia

 ·  The systemic family assessment system: its validity with asthmatic children and their families
Peçanha, Dóris Lieth; Lacharité, Carl

 ·  The constitution of the subject in lacanian psychoanalysis: impairments in separation
Bruder, Maria Cristina Ricotta; Brauer, Jussara Falek

 ·  Trophallaxis group: narcissistic disturbances and linking reconstructions
Ávila, Lazslo Antonio

 ·  Rethinking learning disabilities seen from historical and cultural psychology
Tuleski, Silvana Calvo; Eidt, Nadia Mara

 ·  Boys and girls in kindergarten: association between behavior and achievement
Gardinal, Elaine Cristina; Marturano, Edna Maria

 ·  The construction of the narrator subject: discoursive thought in the personalist stage
Smith, Vivian Hamann; Sperb, Tânia Mara

 ·  The game "find out the animal": a resource in psycho pedagogical diagnosis
Dell' Agli, Betânia Alves Veiga; Brenelli, Rosely Palermo

 ·  Landless peasants’ movement after twenty years: psychology and the movement’s history
Domingues, Eliane

 ·  The social issue of land as a challenge to psychology
Lopes, José Rogério

 ·  "Family health programs made from the top"
Traverso-Yépez, Martha; Bernardino, Jhoseanne Magalhães; Gomes, Lílian Oliveira

 ·  Psychotherapy and bioethics: linking concepts, improving practices
Ludwig, Martha Wallig Brusius; Redivo, Luciana Balestrin; Jorge, Hericka Zogbi; Müller, Marisa Campio

 ·  Dental treatment as a cause of anxiety
Possobon, Rosana de Fátima; Carrascoza, Karina Camillo; Moraes, Antonio Bento Alves de; Costa Jr, Áderson Luiz

 ·  Reversing the effects of a history of uncontrollability under behavior variation contingencies
Motta, Karina de Guimarães Souto e; Abreu-Rodrigues, Josele; Sanabio-Heck, Elisa Tavares

 ·  WISC-III and WAIS-III in intellectual assessment of blind people
Nascimento, Elizabeth do; Flores-Mendoza, Carmen Elvira

 Relatos de experiência
 ·  Group intervention: experience with mothers of children with cancer
Campos, Elisa Maria Parahyba; Rodrigues, Avelino Luiz; Machado, Patricia; Alvarez, Margareth

 ·  Preventive programs evaluation: experience story
Löhr, Suzane Schmidlin; Pereira, Ana Carina Stelko; Andrade, André Luiz Monezi; Kirchner, Luziane de Fátima

 ·  A loucura no leito de procusto
Costa, Paulo José da