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Psicologia em Estudo
On-line version ISSN 1807-0329


Table of contents
Psicol. estud. vol.15 no.1 Maringá Jan./Mar. 2010

 Special Session
 ·  Administration report 2009
Tuleski, Silvana Calvo; Borges, Marta Eliane Echeverria

 ·  Beyond the governmental decrees: the challenges of mental health policy
Luzio, Cristina Amélia; Yasui, Silvio

 ·  Problematizating the brazilian psychiatric reform: the genealogy of psychosocial rehabilitation
Pinto, Alessandra Teixeira Marques; Ferreira, Arthur Arruda Leal

 ·  The meanings of group work in the public health context
Rasera, Emerson Fernando; Rocha, Rita Martins Godoy

 ·  The health team as a mediator on psychosocial development of hospitalized children
Martins, Sueli Terezinha Ferreira; Paduan, Vanessa Cristina

 ·  Saying x doing of mothers and children in medical examination
Wechsler, Amanda Muglia; Amaral, Vera Lúcia Adami Raposo do

 ·  Chronic fatigue syndrome: presentation and controversies
Zorzanelli, Rafaela Teixeira

 ·  Early pregnancy: a contextual analysis about risk and protection
Cerqueira-Santos, Elder; Paludo, Simone dos Santos; dei Schirò, Eva Diniz Bensaja; Koller, Sílvia Helena

 ·  Passional crime in the perspective of prisoners: a qualitative study
Santiago, Rosilene Almeida; Coelho, Maria Thereza Ávila Dantas

 ·  Emotional implications of the arrival of a sibling for the firstborn: a literature review
Oliveira, Débora Silva de; Lopes, Rita de Cássia Sobreira

 ·  The psychology and the constitution of the brazilian education field
Sganderla, Ana Paola; Carvalho, Diana Carvalho de

 ·  Inclusive environments in children education: possibilities and hindrances
Sekkel, Marie Claire; Zanelatto, Raquel; Brandão, Suely de Barros

 ·  Social interaction in the context of intervention research in Fortaleza's schools
Colaço, Veriana de Fátima Rodrigues; Chaves, Hamilton Viana; Jucá, Ana Cleide Barros; Teixeira, Paulo André Sousa; Alves, Ricardo Rilton Nogueira; Sá, Ticiana Santiago de

 ·  Pathways  to the land: recovering a political memory of MST - Brazil's landless workers' movement in western São Paulo, Brazil
Silva, Alessandro Soares da

 ·  Family, work, gender identities
Silva, Thálita Cavalcanti Menezes da; Amazonas, Maria Cristina Lopes de Almeida; Vieira, Luciana Leila Fontes

 ·  Productivity, necessity and affectivity: distributive justice and empathy in brazilian youth
Sampaio, Leonardo Rodrigues; Camino, Cleonice Pereira; Roazzi, Antonio

 ·  Translation, adaptation and exploration of  psychometric properties of tecnostress scale (RED/TIC)
Carlotto, Mary Sandra; Câmara, Sheila Gonçalves

 ·  About bodies and monsters: some contemporary reflections
Peixoto Junior, Carlos Augusto

 ·  The clinic's re-meeting with the metaphor
Zanello, Valeska; Martins, Francisco

 ·  The lack in the other as subversion of the structure in lacanian theory
Sales, Léa Silveira

 ·  Theoretical models of coparenting relations: critical review
Lamela, Diogo; Nunes-Costa, Rui; Figueiredo, Bárbara

 Reports on Professional Experience
 ·  Multifamily psycho-educational group and treatment of adolescents with eating disorders
Nicoletti, Manoela; Gonzaga, Ana Paula; Modesto, Sue Ellen Ferreira; Cobelo, Alicia Weisz