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Psicologia em Estudo
On-line version ISSN 1807-0329


Table of contents
Psicol. estud. vol.17 no.2 Maringá Apr./June 2012

 ·  Trabalho conceitual em psicologia: pesquisa ou "perfumaria"?
Laurenti, Carolina

 ·  Therapists training in systemic family therapy specialization program
Alvear Mendoza, María Loreto; Jerez Bezzenberger, Rocio Macarena; Lucero Chenevard, Claudia

 ·  Violence against children and adolescents in Amazonas: analysis of the reports
Maia, Angela Costa; Barreto, Maíra

 ·  Print media, social representations and violence against the elderly
Saraiva, Evelyn Rúbia de Albuquerque; Coutinho, Maria da Penha de Lima

 ·  Values and motivation to respond without prejudice toward homossexuals
Gouveia, Valdiney Veloso; Athayde, Rebecca Alves Aguiar; Soares, Ana Karla Silva; Araújo, Rafaella de Carvalho Rodrigues; Andrade, Josemberg Moura de

 ·  Mobile emergency service and psychiatric emergency
Bonfada, Diego; Guimarães, Jacileide

 ·  Alcohol and drugs in primary care: evaluating strategies for training
Souza, Isabel Cristina Weiss de; Ronzani, Telmo Mota

 ·  The systemic understanding of bullying
Schultz, Naiane Carvalho Wendt; Duque, Denise Franco; Silva, Carolina Fermino da; Souza, Carolina Duarte de; Assini, Luciana Cristina; Carneiro, Maria da Glória de M.

 ·  Family prohibited: transgenerationality and subjectivity in three fictional works
Scorsolini-Comin, Fabio; Santos, Manoel Antônio dos

 ·  The role of schemes in healthy elderly women's memory
Santos, Claudimara Chisté; Ortega, Antonio Carlos

 ·  Piaget, Vygotsky and Wallon: contributions for language studies
Pereira, Caciana Linhares

 ·  Knowledge and expectations of nulliparous adolescents  about childbirth
Morais, Fátima Raquel Rosado; Nunes, Tatiana Paiva; Veras, Renata Meira; Azevedo, Luciana Fernandes de Medeiros

 ·  Violence, women and psychological care in the Amazonia and the Distrito Federal
Porto, Madge; Bucher-Maluschke, Júlia S. N. F

 ·  The work of psychologist concerning to natural disasters: a review
Alves, Roberta Borghetti; Lacerda, Márcia Alves de Camargo; Legal, Eduardo José

 ·  Reversion of mathematics anxiety: some data from literature
Carmo, João dos Santos; Simionato, Aline Morales

 ·  Confusion of tongues, trauma and hospitality in Sándor Ferenczi
Osmo, Alan; Kupermann, Daniel

 Professional Experience Report
 ·  The issue of hospital institution discourses from the Lacanian psychoanalysis
Melo, Carla Borim Mirachi; Couto, Luis Flávio Silva