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Table of contents
Tempo vol.16 no.30 Niterói  2011

 Dossier: Purity, Race and Hierarchies in the Portuguese Colonial Empire
 ·  Apresentação
Raminelli, Ronald; Feitler, Bruno

 ·  The imaginary of blood and its purity in old France
Jouanna, Arlette

 ·  Amerindian and Black African slaves: a connected history. Discrimination theories and models in the Portuguese Empire (ca. 1450-1650)
Marcocci, Giuseppe

 ·  "The honor of your blood": brahmanism and topics of distinction in the Portuguese context
Xavier, Ângela Barreto

 ·  To be a "mulato" in early modern Portugal
Dutra, Francis A.

 ·  Skin color, distinctions and offices: Portugal and Portuguese Atlantic spaces (XVI to XVIII centuries)
Figueirôa-Rêgo, João de; Olival, Fernanda

 ·  Exploring a literary gender: the chivalry novels
Lopes, Marcos Antônio

 ·  The birth of a penitentiary: the first prisoners at the Casa de Prisão com Trabalho in Bahia (1860-1865)
Trindade, Cláudia Moraes

 ·  The senses of the Blow of 1964 in the history text books (1970-2000): between continuous and discontinuous
Pereira, Mateus H. F.; Pereira, Andreza C. I.

 ·  Brazil, the national politics of arms sales - PNEMEM - and weapons international trade: a study case
Avila, Carlos Federico Domínguez

 ·  Barons in a reticular point of view: analysis of social networks, power and nobility in the Zona da Mata Mineira in the segundo Reinado
Genovez, Patrícia Falco

 ·  Uma zona de sombra: o rural de nossos dias
Motta, Márcia

 ·  História atlântica vista de baixo: marinheiros, escravos e plebeus na formação do mundo moderno
Aladrén, Gabriel