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Ciência & Saúde Coletiva
On-line version ISSN 1678-4561


Table of contents
Ciênc. saúde coletiva vol.15 no.2 Rio de Janeiro Mar. 2010

 ·  Health problems in childhood: challenges from treatment to prevention
Moreira, Maria Elisabeth Lopes

 ·  Child is the father of man: new challenges for child health
Moreira, Maria Elisabeth Lopes; Goldani, Marcelo Zubaran

 ·  The research in child health and the Brazilian cohorts
Silva, Antonio Augusto Moura da

 ·  Public polices at child health area
Gomes, Maria Auxiliadora de Souza Mendes

 ·  The demand for a new pediatrician
Bettiol, Heloisa

 ·  The visibility of the child throughout history
Barros Filho, Antonio de Azevedo

 ·  The authors reply

 ·  Prevalence and severity of gingivitis among scholars (7-14 years): local conditions associated to bleeding on probing
Chambrone, Leandro; Macedo, Sergio Bassit; Ramalho, Francisco Cardoso; Trevizani Filho, Eduardo; Chambrone, Luiz Armando

 ·  Oral cleft and its notification in the information system: live Births Declaration analysis in Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro State, 1999-2004
Nunes, Luiz Maurício Nogueira; Pereira, Antonio Carlos; Queluz, Dagmar de Paula

 ·  Effectiveness study of the universal newborn hearing screening
Fernandes, Juliana Cristina; Nozawa, Márcia Regina

 ·  Social and biological determinants of infant mortality in population cohort in the city of Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul State
Geib, Lorena Teresinha Consalter; Fréu, Cheila Mara; Brandão, Marlise; Nunes, Magda Lahorgue

 ·  The influence of feeding methods in the development of nonnutritive sucking habits in childhood
Albuquerque, Sabrina Sales Lins de; Duarte, Ricardo Cavalcanti; Cavalcanti, Alessandro Leite; Beltrão, Érika de Morais

 ·  Family Health Program and children palliative care: listening the relatives of technology dependent children
Rabello, Cláudia Azevedo Ferreira Guimarães; Rodrigues, Paulo Henrique de Almeida

 ·  Project Learning Health in School: the experience of positive impact on the quality of life and health determinants of members of a community school in Vitória, Espírito Santo State
Maciel, Ethel Leonor Noia; Oliveira, Carla Braga; Frechiani, Janaína Menezes; Sales, Carolina Maia Martins; Brotto, Léia Damasceno de Aguiar; Araújo, Maristela Dalbello

 ·  Health at school: a brief history
Figueiredo, Túlio Alberto Martins de; Machado, Vera Lúcia Taqueti; Abreu, Margaret Mirian Scherrer de

 ·  Orofacial aspects of childhood abuse and dental negligence
Massoni, Andreza Cristina de Lima Targino; Ferreira, Ângela Maria Brito; Aragão, Ana Karla Ramalho; Menezes, Valdenice Aparecida de; Colares, Viviane

 ·  Breastfeeding in premature babies: speech-language and audiology performance based on education for health promotion concepts
Santana, Maria da Conceição Carneiro Pessoa de; Goulart, Bárbara Niegia Garcia de; Chiari, Brasília Maria; Melo, Adriana de Medeiros; Silva, Érika Henriques de Araújo Alves da

 ·  Prevalence and factors associated with the adhesion of children in highly active antiretroviral therapy in three urban centers in Southern Brazil
Trombini, Eliana Silva; Schermann, Lígia Braun

 ·  Neonatal and maternal morbidity related to the type of delivery
Cardoso, Priscila Oliveira; Alberti, Luiz Ronaldo; Petroianu, Andy

 ·  Prevalence of mouth breathing in children from an elementary school
Felcar, Josiane Marques; Bueno, Izabele Rafael; Massan, Ana Carolina Silva; Torezan, Roberta Pereira; Cardoso, Jefferson Rosa

 ·  Impact of delivering the news about Down syndrome on parents: life stories
Cunha, Aldine Maria Fernandes Vohlk; Blascovi-Assis, Silvana Maria; Fiamenghi Jr, Geraldo Antonio

 ·  The hospitalization and the process of becoming ill through the children's and adolescents' perspective with cystic fibrosis and osteogenesis imperfecta
Mello, Daniele Borges de; Moreira, Martha Cristina Nunes

 ·  Knowledge of health professionals about the rights of hospitalized children: an exploratory study
Gomes, Ilvana Lima Verde; Caetano, Rosângela; Jorge, Maria Salete Bessa

 ·  Humanized attention in neonatal intensive-care unit: senses and limitations identified by health professionals
Souza, Kátia Maria Oliveira de; Ferreira, Suely Deslandes

 ·  Mandatory reporting of child abuse by professionals of Family Health Teams
Luna, Geisy Lanne Muniz; Ferreira, Renata Carneiro; Vieira, Luiza Jane Eyre de Souza

 ·  Neonatal screening: the challenge of an universal and effective coverage
Botler, Judy; Camacho, Luiz Antônio Bastos; Cruz, Marly Marques da; George, Pâmela

 ·  Iron status and serum retinol levels among children and adolescents attended by a Family Health Strategy team in Itajaí, Santa Catarina State
Mariath, Aline Brandão; Giachini, Rubia Mara; Lauda, Laíz Guedes; Grillo, Luciane Peter

 ·  Children health care evaluation (0-5 years) according to users' perceptions in the Family Health Strategy of Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro State
Ribeiro, José Mendes; Siqueira, Sandra Aparecida Venâncio de; Pinto, Luiz Felipe da Silva

 ·  Impact of disability in siblings: life stories
Messa, Alcione Aparecida; Fiamenghi Jr, Geraldo Antônio

 ·  Eating disorders in the view of teenage girls from Florianópolis, Santa Catarina State: a phenomenological approach
Nunes, Arlene Leite; Vasconcelos, Francisco de Assis Guedes de

 ·  Anthropometric evaluation and food intake of preschool children at municipal educational centers, in South of Minas Gerais State, Brazil
Martino, Hércia Stampini Duarte; Ferreira, Andreza Campos; Pereira, Cristina Novack Amaral; Silva, Roberta Ribeiro

 ·  Hearing evaluation on newborn babies and its ethical implications
Guimarães, Valeriana de Castro; Barbosa, Maria Alves

 ·  Evaluation of the National Program of Integrated and Referential Actions (PAIR) to confront the child and adolescents sexual violence, in Feira de Santana, Bahia State, Brazil
Costa, Maria Conceição Oliveira; Carvalho, Rosely Cabral de; Santana, Marcos Antonio Oliveira de; Silva, Luciano Macêdo Santos da; Silva, Mariana Rocha da

 ·  Breastfeeding prevalence before and after the implementation of a children's morbid mortality reduction program in the municipality of Campo Mourão, Paraná State
Almeida, Crysthianne Cônsolo de; Scochi, Maria José; Souza, Regina Kazue Tanno de; Carvalho, Wladithe Organ

 ·  A review of events that expose children to elemental mercury in the United States
Lee, Robin; Middleton, Dan; Caldwell, Kathleen; Dearwent, Steve; Jones, Steven; Lewis, Brian; Monteilh, Carolyn; Mortensen, Mary Ellen; Nickle, Richard; Orloff, Kenneth; Reger, Meghan; Risher, John; Rogers, Helen Schurz; Watters, Michelle

 Free Themes
 ·  Evaluation of breastfeeding support: meanings from mothers receiving care at primary health care units in the State of Rio de Janeiro
Oliveira, Maria Inês Couto de; Souza, Ivis Emília de Oliveira; Santos, Elizabeth Moreira dos; Camacho, Luiz Antonio Bastos

 Book Reviews
 ·  A mente do seu filho: como estimular as crianças e identificar os distúrbios psicológicos na infância
Marinho, Maria de Fátima Junqueira