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Psicologia Escolar e Educacional
On-line version ISSN 2175-3539


Table of contents
Psicol. Esc. Educ. (Impr.) vol.11 no.1 Campinas Jan./June 2007

 ·  Global citizenship and new literacies providing new ways for social inclusion
Lima, Clarisse O.; Brown, Scott W.

 ·  Social and emotional consequences of dyslexia: a case study
Carvalhais, Lénia Sofia de Almeida; Silva, Carlos

 ·  College student's academic goals and learning strategies
Valle, Antonio; Cabanach, Ramón G.; Rodríguez, Susana; Núnez, José C.; González-Pienda, Julio A.; Rosário, Pedro

 ·  Text comprehension in 7th and 8th grade basic school students
Oliveira, Katya Luciane de; Boruchovitch, Evely; Santos, Acácia Aparecida Angeli dos

 ·  The impact of an educational/sporting project in children's development
Machado, Paula Xavier; Cassepp-Borges, Vicente; Dell´Aglio, Débora Dalbosco; Koller, Silvia Helena

 ·  Adolescence as a social construction: a research on the concept on books applied to parents and educators
Bock, Ana Mercês Bahia

 ·  Children's literature, theory of mind and social information processing
Rodrigues, Marisa Cosenza; Oliveira, Paula Almeida de; Rubac, Jacqueline Silva; Tavares, Aline Lima

 ·  Symptoms Assessment Scale-40 (EAS-40): validity and reliability in a non clinical sample
Yoshida, Elisa Medici Pizão; Silva, Fernanda Robert de Carvalho Santos

 ·  Predictors of Burnout Syndrome in teachers
Carlotto, Mary Sandra; Câmara, Sheila Gonçalves

 ·  Adolescents in school: social representation on violence
Ribolla, Maria Beatriz; Fiamenghi Jr., Geraldo Antonio

 ·  The high school educator and the psychology in his everyday school-life
Almeida, Rúbia Sousa; Alves, Cândida Beatriz; Neves, Gabriella Nunes; Silva, Ludmila Pereira; Pedroza, Regina Lúcia Sucupira

 ·  Knowing the Self-efficacy in differents situations
Nunes, Maiana Farias Oliveira

 ·  Undergraduate study
Witter, Geraldina Porto

 ·  Interview with Albertina Mitjáns Martínez
Martínez, Albertina Mitjáns

 ·  ABC Tests: proposal for the government of a problematic population
Lima, Ana Laura Godinho

 ·  Religiosity: 43 year of history of one research exercise
Witter, Geraldina Porto

 Practical Suggestions
 ·  Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity disorder: family counseling
Desidério, Rosimeire C. S.; Miyazaki, Maria Cristina de O. S.

 ·  The instrumentality as a motivational strategy
Alcará, Adriana Rosecler; Guimarães, Sueli Édi Rufini