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Psicologia Escolar e Educacional
On-line version ISSN 2175-3539


Table of contents
Psicol. Esc. Educ. (Impr.) vol.13 no.1 Campinas Jan./June 2009

 ·  On solving labyrinths by students of the elementary school
Macedo, Lino de; Carvalho, Gisele Escorel de; Petty, Ana Lúcia Sicoli

 ·  Mother's aprisionment and children's schooling
Stella, Claudia

 ·  The psychologist and the school: the understanding of elementary school students on this relation
Sant'Ana, Izabella Mendes; Euzébios Filho, Antonio; Lacerda Junior, Fernando; Guzzo, Raquel Souza Lobo

 ·  Story reading and evocation of mental terms by pre-school children
Rodrigues, Marisa Cosenza; Henriques, Mariana Wierman; Patrício, Marina de Oliveira

 ·  Investigating teachers creativity: Brazilian research projects
Nakano, Tatiana de Cássia

 ·  Research in Sateré-Mawé area: discovery of indigenous talents
Becker, Maria Alice; Rojas Nino, Carlos Gillermo; Weigel, Valeria

 ·  School psychology in Brazil and in the State of Maranhão: history and current trends
Carvalho, Tatiana Oliveira de; Marinho-Araujo, Claisy Maria

 ·  Teacher’s beliefs and implications to the teaching-learning process
Paiva, Mirella Lopez Martini Fernandes; Del Prette, Zilda Aparecida Pereira

 ·  Rule games and cooperative relationships in school: a psychogenetic analysis
Caiado, Ana Paula Sthel; Rossetti, Claudia Broetto

 ·  Attention learning: an opening to invention
De-Nardin, Maria Helena; Sordi, Regina

 ·  The theme “kids game” in the periodic Pro-Posições
Pereira, Flávia Roberta dos Santos; Santos, Litza Pereira; Amorim, Karen Santos; Pacheco, Lílian Miranda Bastos

 ·  Problem solving competencies and problem solving analysis competencies: a study of teachers, education students, education graduates and psychologists
Fávero, Maria Helena; Neves, Regina da Silva Pina

 ·  Psychology as a formative approach: a study on teacher training
Longarezi, Andréa Maturano; Alves, Tamarisa de Camargo

 ·  Attitudes related to Mathematics of Business student
Peñaloza Fuentes, Verônica Lídia; Lima, Ronaldo; Guerra, Diego de Sousa

 ·  Exploratory study between vocational interests and academic existences in higher education
Noronha, Ana Paula Porto; Martins, Denise da Fonseca; Gurgel, Marina Gasparoto do Amaral; Ambiel, Rodolfo Augusto Matteo

 ·  Educational psychology and the educational system in Cuba
Arias Beatón, Guillermo

 ·  Life and inconsistencies
Witter, Geraldina Porto

 ·  Psychological guidance of school complaints: a new pratice in clinical psychology
Toassa, Gisele

 ·  Educational and School Psychology: commitments with Brazilian education
Martinez, Albertina Mitjáns

 ·  Educational and School Psychology: new perspectives
Souza, Marilene Proença Rebello de

 Practical Suggestions
 ·  Teacher's development education with operative groups in a full time school
Maimone, Eulália Henriques; Vieira, Vânia Maria de Oliveira