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Psicologia Escolar e Educacional
On-line version ISSN 2175-3539


Table of contents
Psicol. Esc. Educ. (Impr.) vol.13 no.2 Campinas July/Dec. 2009

 ·  Game and entertainment for 6 year-old children and elementary school
Rocha, Maria Silvia Pinto de Moura Librandi da

 ·  Mental retardation and acquisition of mathematics: curriculum as a conditional relation network
Rossit, Rosana Aparecida Salvador; Goyos, Celso

 ·  Reading strategies and textual comprehension among university students
Cantalice, Lucicleide Maria de; Oliveira, Katya Luciane de

 ·   Teaching and learning as a dialectical unity in pedagogical activity
Bernardes, Maria Eliza Mattosinho

 ·  Schooling and prejudice: memories of disabled and not disabled youths
Ohl, Nathalie Guerrero; Angelucci, Carla Biancha; Nicolau, Aneline Menezes; Honda, Caroline

 ·  The historical-cultural theory and the importance of toys: approaching pysical education
Martineli, Telma Adriana Pacifico; Fugi, Nataly de Carvalho; Mileski, Keros Gustavo

 ·  Teachers’ conceptions of constructivism and its implementation in the state elementary education
Carraro, Patrícia Rossi; Andrade, Antônio dos Santos

 ·  Brazilian and Finnish early childhood care: options of care, alternative care
Zanfelici, Tatiane Oliveira

 ·  Burnout Syndrome: a comparative study between teachers of state and private school systems
Lopes, Andressa Pereira; Pontes, Édel Alexandre Silva

 ·  Family-school relationship: parents and teacher’s educative practices
Silveira, Luiza Maria de Oliveira Braga; Wagner, Adriana

 ·  Game as an activity: contributions from the historical-cultural theory
Nascimento, Carolina Picchetti; Araujo, Elaine Sampaio; Miguéis, Marlene da Rocha

 ·  Evaluation of a procedure for structural categories of stories
Ribeiro, Daniela Mendonça; Pascualon, Jussara Fátima; Sella, Ana Carolina; Bandini, Carmen Silvia Motta; Souza, Deisy das Graças de

 ·  Stressful events and coping strategies among adolescents: implications for Learning
Busnello, Fernanda de Bastani; Schaefer, Luiziana Souto; Kristensen, Christian Haag

 ·  The self-esteem myth and the school learning
Franco, Adriana de Fátima

 ·  Critical comment on Humberto Maturana´s concept of autopoiesis and education
Troiteiro, Rina Pedrol

 ·  A conception of teaching
Witter, Geraldina Porto

 ·  Violence in school and from school: contemporary challenges to Educational Psychology
Alves, Renato

 ·  Psychology, Health and Education: challenges to the Amazon Reality
Pansini, Flávia

 ·  Learning theories
Paula, Fraulein Vidigal de

 ·  Interview with Beatriz Belluzzo Brando Cunha
Cunha, Beatriz Belluzzo Brando; Souza, Marilene Proença Rebello de

 Report Educational Practices
 ·  Tom Cruise´s sickness: an experience of internship in psychological intervention
Barbosa, Deborah Rosaria; Silva Junior, Moacir José da; Angelucci, Karolina Murakami