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Psicologia Escolar e Educacional
On-line version ISSN 2175-3539


Table of contents
Psicol. Esc. Educ. (Impr.) vol.14 no.2 Campinas July/Dec. 2010

 ·  Conduct Disorder and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder related to mathematics learning: a case-study
Rodrigues, Carolina Innocente; Sousa, Maria do Carmo; Carmo, João dos Santos

 ·  Reading/Writing and arithmetic calculations performance in second-grade children
Golbert, Clarissa Seligman; Salles, Jerusa Fumagalli de

 ·  Motivational orientations of library course students
Alcará, Adriana Rosecler; Guimarães, Sueli Édi Rufini

 ·  Integrating Higher Education in a course of Education
Carmo, Mariana Coralina do; Polydoro, Soely Aparecida Jorge

 ·  Teacher activity: teacher's transformation according to sociohistorical psychology
Davis, Claudia; Aguiar, Wanda Maria Junqueira

 ·  Creativity and School: Limits and Possibilities according to School Principals and School Counselors
Oliveira, Eny da Luz Lacerda; Alencar, Eunice Maria Lima Soriano de

 ·  Relations of sociability and justice's principles: moral education in school
Oliveira, Glycia Melo de; Caminha, Iraquitan de Oliveira; Freitas, Clara Maria Silvestre Monteiro de

 ·  Judgement of the deaf on humiliation: past and present
Andrade, Alline Nunes; Alencar, Heloisa Moulin de

 ·  Acknowledgement of rights and meanings of childhood among children
Santos, Gilberto Lima dos; Chaves, Antonio Marcos

 ·  Deaf adolescents' blogs: writing and construction of meaning
Bisol, Cláudia Alquati; Bremm, Eduardo Scarantti; Valentini, Carla Beatris

 ·  Giftedness and its myths
Antipoff, Cecília Andrade; Campos, Regina Helena de Freitas

 ·  Stress: the use of mediating resources in identifying stressors in pre-school children
Vectore, Célia; Zumstein, Luciana de Souza

 ·  Values, achievement goals and academic performance: proposal of an explanatory model
Gouveia, Valdiney V.; Sousa, Deliane Macedo Farias de; Fonseca, Patrícia Nunes da; Gouveia, Rildésia S. V.; Gomes, Ana Isabel Araújo Silva de Brito; Araújo, Rafaella de Carvalho Rodrigues

 ·  School Psychology in Rondônia: formation and practice
Tada, Iracema Neno Cecilio; Sápia, Iuna Pereira; Lima, Vanessa Aparecida Alves de

 ·  The relation between theory and practice in educational psychology: implications for teacher training
Schlindwein, Luciane Maria

 ·  Self-regulated learning processes of students experiencing failure in the first year of University
Rosário, Pedro; Nunes, Tânia; Magalhães, Carla; Rodrigues, Adriana; Pinto, Ricardo; Ferreira, Pedro

 ·  School Psychology and Arts
Mazzuchelli, Denise Silva Rocha

 ·  School Psychology: new scenarios and research contexts, education and practice
Antunes, Mitsuko Aparecida Makino

 ·  Second Part Interview with Pablo del Río Pereda about Vygotski: his work and his topicality
Serrão, Maria Isabel Batista; Asbahr, Flávia da Silva Ferreira

 Report Educational Practices
 ·  Sharing classroom experiences with old people of the University of Cadiz: watching Television
Rodríguez, Víctor Manuel Amar

 ·  Challenges of an intervention on a critical perspective in School Psychology
Checchia, Ana Karina Amorim