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Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases
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Table of contents
Braz J Infect Dis vol.5 no.6 Salvador Dec. 2001

 Mini Review
 ·  The organization of Hospital Infection Control Committees and their importance in Brazil
El Far, Fabiane; Marino, Cristiane G. J.; Medeiros, Eduardo Alexandrino Servolo

 Original Papers
 ·  Antimicrobial resistance in respiratory pathogens isolated in Brazil during 1999-2000
Critchley, Ian A.; Blosser, Renée S.; Karlowsky, James A.; Yamakita, Juri; Barth, Alfonso; Sader, Helio S.; Mendes, Caio; Teixeira, Lucia; Rossi, Flavia; Dias, Cicero A. C.; Jones, Mark E.; Thornsberry, Clyde; Sahm, Daniel F.

 ·  Susceptibility of S. pneumoniae to various antibiotics among strains isolated from patients and healthy carriers in different regions of Brazil (1999-2000)
Rossi, F.; Andreazzi, D.; Maffucci, M.; Pereira, A A.

 ·  Hospital-associated funguria: analysis of risk factors, clinical presentation and outcome
Carvalho, Mauricio; Guimarães, César Maistro; Mayer Júnior, José Ronaldo; Bordignon, Gisele P. Fernandes; Queiroz-Telles, Flávio

 ·  Chronic ulcers and myasis as ports of entry for Clostridium tetani
Greco, Jiuseppe Benitivoglio; Sacramento, Edilson; Tavares-Neto, José

 ·  Effectiveness of a mass immunization campaign against serogroup C meningococci in children in the Federal State of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Kupek, Emil; Puricelli, Rubens C. B.; Westrupp, Maria Helena B.

 ·  Hyperlipidemia related to the use of HIV-protease inhibitors: natural history and results of treatment with fenofibrate
Caramelli, Bruno; Bernoche, Claudia Y.S.M. de; Sartori, Ana M. C.; Sposito, Andrei C.; Santos, Raul D.; Monachini, Maristela C.; Strabelli, Tania; Uip, Davi

 ·  High prevalence of giardiasis and strongyloidiasis among HIV-infected patients in Bahia, Brazil
Feitosa, Giovana; Bandeira, Antônio C.; Sampaio, Diana P.; Badaró, Roberto; Brites, Carlos

 ·  Compositional changes of PBL population in patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection
Alireza, Khabiri; Mohsen, Abolhassani; Sudabeh, Aslani; Hiedeh, Darabi; Farideh, Bagheri; Mohammad-Hossein, Alimohammadian

 Case Report
 ·  Mycobacterium simiae infection in a patient with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Sampaio, J.L.M.; Artiles, N.; Pereira, R.M.G.; Souza, J.R.; Leite, J.P.G.

 ·  Bilateral endogenous endophthalmitis associated with infective endocarditis: case report
Arcieri, Enyr Saran; Jorge, Eduardo Ferreira; Ferreira, Lizane de Abreu; Fonseca, Maria B. da; Ferreira, Magno Antônio; Arcieri, Rafael Saran; Rocha, Flávio Jaime

 ·  Five years of a special approach to medical communication: The Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases
Badaró, Roberto; Jones, Thomas C.