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Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases
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Table of contents
Braz J Infect Dis vol.11  suppl.1 Salvador Oct. 2007

Consensus of the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases on the management and treatment of hepatitis C
Araújo, Evaldo Stanislau Affonso de; Mendonça, João Silva; Barone, Antonio Alci; Gonçales Junior, Fernando Lopes; Ferreira, Marcelo Simão; Focaccia, Roberto; Pawlotsky, Jean-Michel

Epidemiological aspects of hepatitis C in Brazil
Diament, Decio

Sexual transmission of HCV
Prado, Kleber Dias do

Hepatitis C virus perinatal transmission
Oliveira, Umbeliana Barbosa de

Hepatitis C: virological aspects and practical implications
Barone, Antonio Alci

Pathogenesis of hepatitis C: HCV consensus 2007
Viso, Ana Tereza R.

Antifibrotic therapy in chronic hepatitis C
Siciliano, Rinaldo Focaccia; Barone, Antonio Alci

Laboratory testing for hepatitis C
Gonçales, Neiva Sellan Lopes; Gonçales Junior, Fernando Lopes

Hepatitis C: genotyping
Cavalheiro, Norma de Paula

Chronic hepatitis C: pathological anatomy
Mello, Evandro Sobroza de; Alves, Venâncio Avancini Ferreira

Co-infection with hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus
Mitre, Heloísa Pedrosa; Mendonça, João Silva de

Co-infection with hepatitis C virus and human T lymphocyte virus
Alves, Carlos Brites

Basic guidelines for the treatment of HIV/HVC co-infection
Bortholi, Edgard De

Basic aspects of the treatment for hepatitis C: mechanisms of action of interferon alpha and ribavirin and the bases of individualization
Melo, Carlos Eduardo de; Araújo, Evaldo Stanislau Affonso de; Barone, Antonio Alci

Treatment of chronic hepatitis C in treatment-naïve patients
Ferreira, Marcelo Simão

Retreatment of hepatitis C patients who previously experienced treatment failure
Gonçales Jr., Fernando Lopes

Maintenance treatment for the modulation of liver fibrosis
Araújo, Evaldo Stanislau Affonso de; Barone, Antonio Alci

Treatment of patients infected with hepatitis C virus and presenting extrahepatic manifestations
Tengan1, Fátima Mitiko; Barone, Antonio Alci

Hepatitis C treatment before and after liver transplant
Abdala, Edson; Gotardo, Daniela Rosa Magalhães; Bonazzi, Patrícia Rodrigues; Bacchella, Telésforo

Adverse event management
Vigani, Aline Gonzalez

Treatment options in the management of thrombocytopenia in patients infected with HCV
Oliveira, André Cosme de

Therapeutic perspectives for hepatitis C
Araújo, Evaldo Stanislau Affonso de; Barone, Antonio Alci; Pawlotsky, Jean-Michel