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Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science
On-line version ISSN 1678-4456


Table of contents
Braz. J. Vet. Res. Anim. Sci. vol.35 n.2 São Paulo  1998

 Basic Sciences
 ·  Ramification and distribuition of the pulmonary trunk in relation to the bronchus in crossbred zebu cattle
RIBEIRO, Antonio Augusto Coppi Maciel; RAMOS, Dinora Boccaletti; PINTO, Marcos Rogério Alves

 Veterinary Medicine
 ·  Leptospirosis on animal reproduction: IV. Serological findings in mares from six farms in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1993-1996)

 ·  Ovarian cysts, rectal palpation and ultra-rectal ultra- sonography diagnosis in sows: literature review and two clinical report studies
VIANA, Carlos Henrique Cabral; ARRUDA, Rubens Paes de; MORETTI, Anibal Saint'Anna; VISINTIN, José Antonio

 ·  Clinical study of lower urinary tract disease of domestic cats of São Paulo
RECHE Jr., Archivaldo; HAGIWARA, Mitika Kuribayashi; MAMIZUKA, Elza

 ·  Post-partum fertility in thoroughbred mares
KURTZ FILHO, Mario; ALDA, Joaquin Lopes de; DEPRÁ, Neiva Medianeira; BRASS, Karin Érica; CORTE, Flávio Desessards de La; SILVA, José Henrique Souza da; SILVA, Carlos Antonio Mondino; EMANUELLI, Isabele Picada

 ·  Morphometric evaluation of nerve fibers after surgical repair by allograft and tubular prothesis of the ulnar nerve in dogs
STOPIGLIA, Ângelo João; LAINETTI, Raquel Dias; PIRES, Raquel Siimoni; Da-SILVA, Ciro Ferreira

 ·  The infectivity of pig rotavirus in stools
RAMOS, Ana Paula Dores; STEFANELLI, Carla Cristina; LINHARES, Rosa Elisa Carvalho; BRITO, Benito Guimarães de; NOZAWA, Carlos Mitihiko

 ·  Evaluation of athletic activity after carpic arthroscopy in fracture of carpic-radial bone of throubread

 ·  Poultry litter ruminal degradability through in situ nylon bag technique with heifers
MELOTTI, Laércio; LUCCI, Carlos de Sousa; MORGULLIS, Sérgio Carlo Franco; CASTRO, Ari Luiz de; RODRIGUES, Paulo Henrique Mazza

 ·  Dry matter and protein degradabilities of whole cottonseed and cottonseed meal through nylon bags in situ technique with steers
CUNHA, José Aparecido da; MELOTTI, Laércio; LUCCI, Carlos de Sousa