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Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science
Print version ISSN 1413-9596


Table of contents
Braz. J. Vet. Res. Anim. Sci. vol.38 no.5 São Paulo  2001

 Basic Sciences
 ·  Thymus gland vascularization of caprins foetus of Saanen breed: a comparative study
BOMBONATO, Pedro Primo; SANTANA, Marcelo Ismar Silva; CARNEIRO E SILVA, Frederico Ozanam; SEVERINO, Renato Souto; DRUMMOND, Sérgio Salazar

 ·  Morphological aspects study of spermatic cord in Pêga donkey
NORONHA, Patrícia Borelli; Pedutti NETO, José; BORELLI, Vicente

 ·  Morphological features of the umbilical cord in equine (Equus caballus, Linnaeus, 1758)
CARVALHO, Fernando de Sales Resende; MIGLINO, Maria Angélica; SEVERINO, Renato Souto; FERREIRA, Fernando Antonio; SANTOS, Tatiana Carlesso dos

 ·  Morphologic and radiological studies on the distal interphalangeal joint and of the navicular bursa in equine (Equus caballus, L., 1758)
BORGES, Edson Moreira; CANOLA, Julio Carlos; MACHADO, Márcia Rita Fernandes

 ·  Morphological analysis of the placenta of paca (Agouti paca L., 1766): Study with light microscopy and transmission electron microscopy
BONATELLI, Marina; MACHADO, Márcia Rita Fernandes; CRUZ, Claudinei; MIGLINO, Maria Angélica

 ·  Laparoscopic approach of the mare as an aid in reproductive assisted technology
FIALHO, Sergio da Silva; FIGUEIRÓ, Giuliano Moraes; LEHMKÜHL, Ricardo Coelho; PASIN, Marta; RUBIN, Mara Iolanda Batistella; SILVA, Carlos Antonio Mondino

 ·  Are there relationships between the luteal size, luteal morphoechogenicity by ultrasound and plasmatical progesterone concentrations in recipient mares?
ARRUDA, Rubens Paes de; VISINTIN, José Antonio; FLEURY, João Junqueira; GARCIA, Alexandre Rossetto; MADUREIRA, Ed Hoffmann; CELEGHINI, Eneiva Carla Carvalho; NEVES NETO, José Rodrigues

 ·  Cutaneous metastasis of osteosarcoma in a dog: case report
COSTA, Fabiano Séllos; TOSTES, Raimundo Alberto; FARIAS, Marconi Rodrigues de; SAMPAIO, Renato Linhares; PEREZ, Jayme Augusto

 ·  Prevalence of toxoplasmosis in cats from São Paulo and Paraná States
LANGONI, Hélio; SILVA, Aristeu Vieira da; CABRAL, Kenio de Gouvea; CUNHA, Eva Laurice Pereira; CUTOLO, André Antonio

 ·  Evaluation of humoral immune response in puppies immunized to canine distemper with attenuated virus vaccine
BIAZZONO, Luciane; HAGIWARA, Mitika Kuribayashi; CORRÊA, Antonio Roberto