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Perspectivas em Ciência da Informação
On-line version ISSN 1981-5344


Table of contents
Perspect. ciênc. inf. vol.14 no.1 Belo Horizonte Jan./Apr. 2009

 ·  Public policy analysis: an approach towards public policies on information
Jardim, José Maria; Silva, Sérgio Conde de Albite; Nharreluga, Rafael Simone

 ·  University publishing policy: a criticism for the practice
Bufrem, Leilah Santiago

 ·  The school librarian encouraging reading through webquest
Costa, Wilse Arena da; Pinheiro, Mariza Inês da Silva; Costa, Maria Neuma da Silva

 ·  The learning environments in the era of hypermedia and distance education
França, George

 ·  Use of informational resources in education
Bueno, Silvana Beatriz

 ·  Information organization in open electronic systems of Scientific and Technological Information: analysis of the Lattes Database
Silva, Fábio Mascarenhas; Smit, Johanna Wilhelmina

 ·  Differences between thesauri and ontologies
Sales, Rodrigo de; Café, Lígia

 ·  An information action for citizenship: school library and archive
Freire, Isa Maria; Nóbrega, Nanci Gonçalves da; Badini, Sandra Borges; Araújo, Vânia Maria Rodrigues Hermes de

 ·  Terminological performance of information science descriptors of the SIBI/USP Controlled Vocabulary in manual, automatic and semi-automatic indexing processes
Lima, Vania Mara Alves; Boccato, Vera Regina Casari

 ·  Cohesion analysis between extensive document text sections by the joint application of social network analysis and internal references
De Sordi, José Osvaldo

 ·  Factors that influence information and knowledge sharing
Alcará, Adriana Rosecler; Chiara, Ivone Guerreiro Di; Rodrigues, Jorge Luis; Tomaél, Maria Inês; Piedade, Valéria Cristina Heckler

 ·  Comparative analysis of regional indicators of business technological innovation: contribution from the data of the industry research on technology innovation
Rocha, Elisa Maria Pinto da; Dufloth, Simone Cristina

 ·  Proposal of a methodology to measure the level of dependence of the decision maker on sources of information: the case of small retailers in the region of Barro Preto in Belo Horizonte
Oliveira, Paulo Henrique de

 ·  Information systems and emancipatory knowledge
Loebel, Eduardo; Strehlau, Vivian Iara

 ·  Dicionário de Biblioteconomia e Arquivologia
Caldeira, Paulo da Terra

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