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Interface - Comunicação, Saúde, Educação
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Table of contents
Interface (Botucatu) vol.8 no.14 Botucatu Sept./Feb. 2004

 ·  The biopolitics of health: reflections on Michel Foucault, Agnes Heller e Hannah Arendt
Ortega, Francisco

 ·  Biopolitics: medical power and patient autonomy in a new conception of health
Martins, André

 ·  The Great Health: an introduction to the Body without Organs medicine
Teixeira, Ricardo Rodrigues

 ·  Care and reconstruction in healthcare practices
Ayres, José Ricardo de Carvalho Mesquita

 ·  The place, theory and professional practice of the physician: elements for a critical approach to doctor-patient relations in the consulting room
Aciole, Giovanni Gurgel

 ·  The process of curricular reform of two medical schools in Brazil and Argentina: a comparative approach
Koifman, Lilian

 ·  Explanations proffered by children hospitalized due to illness: implications for communication between healthcare professionals and patients
Perosa, Gimol Benzaquen; Gabarra, Letícia Macedo

 ·  Work related osteomuscular diseases: multifactorial etiology and explanatory models
Chiavegato Filho, Luiz Gonzaga; Pereira Jr., Alfredo

 ·  The symbolic market: a communication model for public policies
Araújo, Inesita Soares de

 Brief Notes
 ·  The meeting of Popular Education and Healthcare movements and practices
Stotz, Eduardo Navarro

 ·  Africa teaching people
Oliveira, Sidney N. de

 ·  Hannah Arendt's love of politics
Petry, Paulo

 ·  The virtual reality library as a collaborative environment
Matos, Andréa Toti

 ·  The regionalization of healthcare: an analysis of the demand for Emergency Services / Emergencies at a university hospital
Mendes, Heloisa Wey Berti

 ·  The teaching of Odontology in the state of São Paulo: the conceptions of quality among the coordinators of Odontology courses
Secco, Luciane Gabeira

 Open Space
 ·  We and the "Twelfth": novel thoughts on the most novel Health Conference in the country
Xavier, Caco

 ·  Inovação na Educação Superior
Masetto, Marcos

 ·  The Body and Health
Monteiro, João

 ·  Taller Experimental Cuerpos pintados