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Interface - Comunicação, Saúde, Educação
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Table of contents
Interface (Botucatu) vol.8 no.15 Botucatu Mar./Aug. 2004

 Editor Notes
 ·  Considerations on the idea of time in St. Augustine, Hume and Kant
Carneiro, Marcelo Carbone

 ·  Being and time in Bergson
Coelho, Jonas Gonçalves

 ·  The unicity and multiplicity of time: a transdisciplinary approach
Pereira Júnior, Alfredo; Guerrini, Ivan Amaral

 ·  Popular education in primary care: in search of comprehensive health care
Albuquerque, Paulette Cavalcanti de; Stotz, Eduardo Navarro

 ·  Participation and disabled people's growing awareness of how to exercise their rights: an analysis of a community experience
Oliver, Fátima Corrêa; Tissi, Maria Cristina; Aoki, Marta; Vargem, Ester de Fátima; Ferreira, Taísa Gomes

 ·  Community participation in health management: an evaluation of the UNI Program experience
Mercer, Hugo; Ruiz, Violeta Adrina

 ·  Innovations in the education of social workers: an investigation concerning the impact of changes in the curriculum that attempt to incorporate new models of teaching and learning
Preciado Jiménez, Susana Aurelia; Covarrubias Ortiz, Elba; Alcaraz Munguía, Claudia Angélica; Arias Soto, Mireya Patricia

 ·  An analysis of the concept of the quality of teaching among course coordinators in the Sao Paulo schools of dentistry
Secco, Luciane Gabeira; Pereira, Maria Lúcia Toralles

 ·  Intersectoral approach: a practical experience or a challenge to be met? The Collective Subject Discourse of nurses in the Family Health Centers of the Western District - Ribeirao Preto, Brazil
Paula, Kelly Andressa de; Palha, Pedro Fredemir; Protti, Simone Teresinha

 ·  Theaching of health and the curricula of schools of veterinary medicine: a case study
Pfuetzenreiter, Márcia Regina; Zylbersztajn, Arden

 ·  Máquinas de sentido: processos comunicacionais em saúde
Araújo, Inesita Soares de

 ·  The building of clinical competence: from the concept of planning teaching to the expression of learning among nursing graduate students
Dell'Acqua, Magda Cristina Queiroz

 ·  Study on technics and health
Teixeira, Ricardo Rodrigues

 ·  An integrated clinic: experimentations on family health program
Mendes, Vera Lúcia Ferreira

 ·  Failure at school and the conditions of the lives of children from seven to ten years, in Sobral, Ceará
Sucupira, Ana Cecília

 ·  Healthcare and aging: the issue of caring for one's self
Lima, Ângela Maria Machado de

 Open Space
 ·  The dilemmas and challenges of professional training in health
Amâncio Filho, Antenor

 ·  A report on what was learned in the medical practice observation stage
Nobre, Moacyr Roberto Cuce; Domingues, Rachel Zanetta de Lima; Yamaguishi, Mariana Lie; Shiroma, Marcos Eiji

 ·  An inter-disciplinary experiment with health professionals carried out by psychoanalysts
Hirchzon, Cecilia Luiza Montag; Ditolvo, Heloisa Helena Sitrângulo

 ·  Dogville or when life is reduced to an endless cycle of production and consumption
Lima, Elizabeth Maria Freire de Araújo

 ·  Marcas, 2002, Botucatu, SP
Alvarenga, Elisete