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Interface - Comunicação, Saúde, Educação
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Table of contents
Interface (Botucatu) vol.9 no.18 Botucatu Sept./Dec. 2005

 ·  Education, power and the market: a critical deconstruction of the disciplining effects of information and communication technologies upon the new "Spectacle School"
Jiménez, Rafael Vidal

 ·  Technical healthcare models, management and the organization of work in the healthcare field: nothing is indifferent in the struggle for the consolidation Brazil's single healthcare system
Feuerwerker, Laura

 ·  Promoting and recovering health: meanings produced in community groups within the Family Healthcare Program context
Borges, Celiane Camargo; Japur, Marisa

 ·  Competence of health professionals for interdisciplinary work
Saupe, Rosita; Cutolo, Luiz Roberto Agea; Wendhausen, Águeda Lenita Pereira; Benito, Gladys Amélia Vélez

 ·  Senior citizens in the limelight: the discourses of illness
Garcia, Maria Alice Amorim; Odoni, Ana Paula de Carvalho; Souza, Caio Silvério de; Frigério, Rafaela Marega; Merlin, Silvia Stahl

 ·  Social negotiations for improving work conditions in the telemarketing sector: the gap between the corporate point of view and the reality of work
Silva, Airton Marinho; Assunção, Ada Ávila

 ·  The understanding of solid waste from healthcare services in academic education: a contribution to environmental education
Corrêa, Luciara Bilhalva; Lunardi, Valéria Lerch; De Conto, Suzana Maria; Galiazzi, Maria do Carmo

 ·  What to do with contents? The academic evaluation of books in the 21st century
Marques Neto, José Castilho

 ·  Reflections on the academic evaluation of books in the 21st century
Rosa, Flavia Goullart Mota Garcia

 ·  An analysis of what can be done about content
Goldbaum, Moisés

 ·  Commentary
Barata, Rita Barradas

 ·  Reply
Marques Neto, José Castilho

 Open Space
 ·  Homelessness and cooperativeness: moving through the production of values
Garcez Ghirardi, Maria Isabel; Lopes, Samira Rodrigues; Barros, Denise Dias; Galvani, Débora

 ·  Traineeship in a Japanese birth center: experience report
Hoga, Luiza Akiko Komura

 ·  The professional master's degree as a preferable model for training in family health
Saupe, Rosita; Wendhausen, Águeda Lenita Pereira

 ·  The future of books as evaluated by post-graduate programs: is a book culture necessary?
Luz, Madel T

 ·  Reformas Universitárias. Avaliação Institucional Participativa
Genro, Maria Elly Herz

 ·  "Shiva: um médico entre a construção e a destruição"
Barros, Nelson Filice de

 ·  Composição Lúcia
Quarentei, Mariangela Scaglione; Ribeiro, Adriana