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Interface - Comunicação, Saúde, Educação
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Table of contents
Interface (Botucatu) vol.10 no.19 Botucatu Jan./June 2006

 ·  An approach of the 'public x private' antinomy: revealing relationships for public health
Silva, Giovanni Gurgel Aciole da

 ·  Public regulation of the health care system in Brazil: a review
Santos, Fausto Pereira dos; Merhy, Emerson Elias

 ·  Capital dynamics and local healthcare systems: searching for a comprehensive analysis of the health sector
Andreazzi, Maria de Fátima Siliansky de; Andreazzi, Marco Antonio Ratzsch de; Carvalho, Diana Maul de

 ·  Social medicalization (I): the exaggerated success of modern 'epistemicide' in health
Tesser, Charles Dalcanale

 ·  Images and meanings in the discourse of the press on an epidemic of occupational intoxication by benzene
Rangel-S., Maria Ligia

 ·  The teaching of communication skills in medical schools: an approach
Rossi, Pedro Santo; Batista, Nildo Alves

 ·  Medical residents and their relations with and within the health and illness environment: an institutional case study with obstetrics/gynecology residents
Gilbert, Ana Cristina Bohrer; Cardoso, Maria Helena Cabral de Almeida; Wuillaume, Susana Maciel

 ·  Health education strategies and the quality of care and teaching in pediatrics: interaction, connection and trust in professional discourse
Queiroz, Maria Veraci; Jorge, Maria Salete

 ·  Health education in connection with medical attention to hypertensive patients in the family health program
Alves, Vânia Sampaio; Nunes, Mônica de Oliveira

 ·  Health education in schools: an approach based on the curriculum and perception of undergraduate education students
Leonello, Valéria Marli; L'Abbate, Solange

 ·  Fishing cast net: the use of letters in a study
Moraes, Ana Alcídia Araújo

 ·  The path of accident analysis: the traditional paradigm and extending the origins of the expansion of analysis
Almeida, Ildeberto Muniz de

 ·  Social support, health and oral health promotion among the elderly population of Brazil
Araújo, Silvânia Suely Caribé de; Freire, Danielle Bianca de Lima; Padilha, Dalva Maria Pereira; Baldisserotto, Julio

 ·  Self-perception of the loss of teeth among the elderly
Unfer, Beatriz; Braun, Kátia; Silva, Caroline Pafiadache da; Pereira Filho, Léo Dias

 ·  The use of screen readers with TelEduc
Wataya, Roberto Sussumu

 ·  Evaluation of the knowledge in hygiene practices: a qualitative approach
Tavolaro, Paula; Oliveira, Carlos Augusto Fernandes; Lefèvre, Fernando

 ·  Humanizando nascimentos e partos
Tornquist, Carmen Susana

 ·  Pêlos pelos fora da ordem
Nunes, André